Banten Province is a province located on the western tip of Java Island. Due to its strategic location, Banten province has tremendous tourism potential so often the choice of sites for people in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Tourist attractions in Banten and the surrounding areas are worth a visit Which? Here's his review.

1. Pantai Anyer Beach Banten

Anyer beach is one of the tourist attractions in Banten most crowded and popular, especially for city dwellers, and its surroundings because it is close and affordable. Kabupatan located in Serang, Banten, Anyer beach is a beach that has beautiful white sand and interesting. Named Anyer beach because the beach is located along the District of Anyer, Banten. Activities that you can do at Anyer beach is swimming, sand play, playing water sports, surfing, diving, enjoy the beach, to eat seafood delights at the seaside. If you want to stay, do not worry because there are many hotels around Anyer Beach.

2. Pantai Tanjung Lesung Beach Banten

Tanjung Lesung is the name of a region that is exclusive and well-maintained beaches on the western tip of Java, about 180 KM from the city. Having the beach is still beautiful and clean with white sand Tanjung Dimples is the best beach in West Java in my opinion. Activities that can be done in Tanjung Lesung is playing in the sand, diving, playing water sports, fishing, and stay at a very nice villa. If you come during the rainy season, be careful because the waves at Tanjung Lesung big enough. Based in Pandeglang, Banten, Tanjung Dimples has an area of approximately 1500 hectares with complete facilities and the attractions in Banten should you

3. Pantai Bagedur Beach Tanjung Lesung

Bagedur beach is a tourist place in Banten, which is about 115 KM from Rangkasbitung, precisely in the District Malingping. For those of you who are not residents of Banten, maybe for the first time heard the name Bagedur Beach, it's natural does Bagedur beach is not so popular, but for the people of Banten, this place is no stranger because this beach is still beautiful. With a length of beach about 10 km, a width of about 50 meters, and the brown sand, beach Bagedur get a lot of visitors every day. Because the solid character of sand, sand beach is impassable by motor vehicles.

4. Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park in accordance with its name, on the western tip of Java Island. Ujung Kulon National Park area includes not only the land area in the island of Java, but also included some islands in the western tip of Java Island. The main activities that can be done in Ujung Kulon National Park are trekking, camping, and see the wild. The main function of the National Park Ujung Kulon than as a tourist spot is as a rhino sanctuary. Ujung Kulon National Park taught us an important thing that is important to preserve the nature around us.

5. Gunung Krakatau - Kakatoa Volcano

Krakatau volcano is a volcano erupted violently and have an impact not only for Indonesia but also abroad. Today, Mount Krakatau is one of the tourist attractions in Banten most preferred mountain climbers. The main and most favorite activities here is to climb Mount Krakatau, a lot of tour agencies that offer package climbed Mount Krakatau ranging from 1-day package, up to 4 days package.  

6. Pulau Umang Island

Umang Island is located near Tanjung Lesung, Banten, about 180 KM from Jakarta. Umang Island is an island with an area of about 5 hectares and in dedicated as sites managed by private parties. Facilities owned Pulau Umang very comprehensive, ranging from the swimming pool, karaoke, sports facilities, meeting rooms, water games, and others. If you willing to travel to Pulau Umang, do not forget to bring sunscreen.

7. Pantai Sawarna Beach

Sawarna beach is a coastal tourist area in Banten relatively new. Sawarna beach crowded tourists began around 2000 for sale on the Internet. Located in the village of Sawarna, Sawarna Beach is approximately 150 KM from Rangkasbitung. Every day, Turkish Sawarna visited by hundreds of people, both from around Jawa Barat, up from abroad. Foreign tourists usually come to the beach to surf because Sawarna Sawarna Beach has waves big enough. Now there are many hotels around Beach Sawarna so very easy to travel in Sawarna Beach.

8. Kampung Baduy Country 

Baduy village is Baduy village. Baduy tribe is a tribe that is still strong traditional Sundanese, and is one of the original tribe in Banten. Baduy village located in Lebak, Banten has a population of about 8,000 inhabitants and is divided into two, namely Baduy Dalam and Outer Baduy. In the Bedouin tribes is a Bedouin tribe who rejected the outside world, while the Outer Baduy Baduy are more open to the outside world.

9. Ciberang Arung Jeram

Ciberang River, Banten is one rafting locations around Jakarta I like most. This is because the condition of the river impassable mountains Ciberang still very lush and green, so that the journey to the rafting location is very soothing liver. Similarly, the river, the scenery in the can when the rafting is very beautiful. However, sometimes the river is dry, so before ordering Ciberang River rafting package, you should ask first how Ciberang River water conditions. The journey to the rafting location Ciberang River will pass through a steep and winding road, therefore my advice not to use the bus size for your trip can be a daunting trip!

10. Mesjid Agung Moscue Banten

Great Mosque of Banten is a very important historical relics. Established in 1569, the Great Mosque of Banten has the architecture of the building is thick with ancient architecture and a perbaduan from a wide variety of different cultures, including Hindu, Chinese, Javanese, and Europe. Not only mosque that can be found at this location, but also the heritage of the Islamic empire that ever existed in Banten, complete with the graves of the people who contributed in the development of Islam in Banten. In addition to crowded penziara and Muslims, Masjid Agung Banten daily is visited by tourists who are interested in the history of Islam.  

11. Pulau Dua Island/Pulau Burung Island

Pulau Dua atau Pulau Burung, adalah cagar alam seluas 30 hektar yang berlokasi di lepas pantai Banten. Seperti namanya, pulau ini dihuni oleh berbagai jenis burung dalam jumlah besar. Sekitar bulan April sampai dengan bulan Agustus, banyak sekali burung dari berbagai benua datang berkunjung ke Pulau Burung. Setelah musim berlalu, sebagian besar burung tersebut kembali ke tempat asalnya.

12. Rawa Dano

Located in the Serang regency with a distance of about 100 km from Jakarta, Rawa Dano is one of the tourist attractions in Banten that offers natural beauty. Rawa Dano as the name suggests, is an area with lakes, swamps, and forests. In place of approximately 2,500 hectares, many live different kinds of reptiles such as snakes and lizards. According to the story, once Rawa Dano is a volcano that has been inactive and then turned into a lake at the top there is a swamp. 

13. Danau Tasikardi

The name comes from the lake Tasikardi Sundanese language with the meaning of an artificial lake. Tasikardi lake located in District Kramatwatu is one of the Sultan of Banten with an area of about 5 hectares. Tasikardi lake was once used as a place of recreation for the family of the Sultan, but now has become a tourist spot in Banten free to the public. Sektiar located 6 KM West of Guangxi city of Serang, Tasikardi lake also serves as a water reservoir Cibanten River and also to irrigate the fields. You can do in Lake Tasikardi is fishing, camping, playing water boat, enjoy the cool atmosphere, to cross to the middle of the lake to visit the island that has the Sultan of Banten. 

14. Pulau Sangiang Island

Sangiang is an island located in the Sunda Strait, Banten. Sangiang can be reached by boat from Anyer beach for about 45 minutes. Sangiang are privately owned and fully developed into a tourist area by the private sector. Types of tours that you can enjoy on the island with an area of approximately 700 hentar are marine tourism, cultural tourism, scientific tourism, and nature. The activities you can do in Sangiang is biking, hiking, camping, diving, fishing, sunbathing on the beach, to enjoy the rest of the world war in the form of Japanese castle. 

15. Pantai Carita Beach Banten

Located on the west coast of Banten province, Pandeglang, Carita Beach is one of the sights in the most famous Banten in Indonesia. The most interesting of Carita Beach is that you can see Mount Krakatau from the shore. The characteristics of the waves at Carita Beach is a small waft waves with white sand shore. Looking like other popular tourist areas, of course facility owned Carita Beach is so complete, so you do not have to worry about the facilities at Carita Beach. Located about 160 kilometers from Jakarta, Carita beach is a tourist place around Jakarta that suits you visit dikala bored with tourist spot that's it.

16.  Pantai Karang Bolong Banten

Karang Bolong Beach is located about 40 KM from the city of Serang, Banten, near Anyer beach. Karang Bolong Beach is a beach that is very unique. As the name implies, Karang Bolong Beach is a beach inside a hollow rock because the pounding waves. You can not swim in Karang Bolong Beach for many coral at this location so that it can harm you. I think Karang Bolong Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Banten.  

17. Pantai Ciputih Beach

Turkish Ciputih one of the many beaches in Banten is quite interesting and has a white sand beach, the beach is located at the District wells, Pandeglang, Banten. To be able to enjoy the beach this Ciputih you get to travel the route Serang - Pandeglang - Panimbang - Cibaliung - Well. Sambolo beach. If you like water sports, you can choose Sambolo Beach as a tourist destination. Invite families to vacation here, it would be very pleasant. Activities that can be done when being here include swimming, surfing, enjoy the culinary around Sambolo region. The beauty of stunning beaches with white sand, making us feel at home for a longer stay.
18. Pantai Marina Beach Banten

Marina beach in Banten travel BantenTempat next marina beach. Marina beach is very fitting for those of you who love the water rides because here there is a lot of water games. Over on Pantai Sambolo. You can be satisfied to enjoy a variety of rides available. Besides the advantage of the Marina Beach attractions is the availability of accommodation facilities such as lodging, villa or resort, adequate and plenty of choice. Facilities were classified as complete, so we would be comfortable when traveling. With complete facilities makes marina beach superior and much in demand as a tourist destination for a vacation.

19. Pantai Pasir Putih Florida Beach

White Sand Beach Florida Destinations in Banten popular travel next Florida beach. White sand wider than the other beaches in Banten. From here we can see the amazing sunsets and pretty seaside charm. Another activity to do while vacationing here is playing and relaxing on the beach or playing beach volleyball. Even this beach is never empty of visitors, every day there are certainly tourists who come and enjoy the beauty of this coast with a sense of awe. White sand beaches and gentle makes the end willing to open their footwear for direct merasaka natural beauty of the white sand beach florida.

20. Pantai Cihara Beach

Cihara beach not far from the city Malingping, at this point you will be presented with a view of the beach which is quite stunning and in this beach you can see the many coral chime sea waves make this place should not be in the miss to visit. Along the road to this beach you can also enjoy views of the vast rice fields so that the natural atmosphere of the countryside you can feel in there, but its weakness is that there is at least a sand beach so that most of the tourists who come just to enjoy the panoramic views of the majority of its natural course.
21. Pantai Karang Taraje Beach

This Taraje coral reef beach is quite extensive and there are stairs - stairs that you can go through to get closer to the waves, but you must remain vigilant because the pounding of the waves can throw us. You can also take pictures at the beach, the scenery was amazing at this beach, so it's a pity to miss.