Indonesia is known as an archipelago and maritime, has many islands, both large and small islands, because so many islands in Indonesia, until now there are still many uninhabited and yet to be named. There are about 17,504 islands in Indonesia, there were 6,000 inhabited islands, and 9634 island yet have a name. With the potential of this was supposed to Indonesia could become a great nation in the field of marine and tourism, but in fact at this time was Indonesia still overwhelmed regulate and supervise its borders, of the main constraints in this case is due to the breadth of the territory to be monitored as well as the limitations of the technology used.

Speaking of travel, this time we will discuss about the island located in the Ujung Kulon National Park, the island Peucan and Panaitan island. You may be unfamiliar with the names of the island. yaa, these islands are still rarely seen and has not been so popular on the internet, but who would have thought it over the island has an extraordinary beauty.

you curious? let's take a peek one by one

1. Panaitan Islandhttp://kanoasurf.comPanaitan Island is located in the northwest of Java, including in geographical areas Ujung Kulon National Park, in the detail is in the Pandeglang district, Banten Province. The island is relatively still very beautiful because it is covered by thick forest, and as a place to live for flora and fauna on the island of Java, such as wild boar, deer, monkeys, birds, and some types of freshwater crocodiles. , Surprisingly, this island has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites, in addition to the island is included in Ujung Kulon National Park, was on the island can be found ancient Hindu sculptures on one hill.
In addition to its natural beauty, the island is also the main attraction by foreign tourists because the waves are great for surfing / surfing, you are probably good at sports surfing deh do not hesitate to visit this place, guaranteed waves are going to make you addicted. In addition to surfing at this location there is also a spot of diving and snorkeling, you can see the beautiful small fishes dancing in colorful coral reef.
2. Peucan Islandhttp://phinemo.comAs well as the island of Panaitan, Peucan island is also located in the area of ​​Ujung Kulon National Park. of interest in this island one of them is that you can interact directly at animal inhabitants of the island, especially wild boar, wild boar on the island Peucan not violent just as in general, even the pig with no hesitation approaching and sniffing the guests / tourists who just anchored expect to be fed, things to worry about on this island is that you should really be wary of the monkeys inhabitants, meraka may look familiar, but sometimes the monkey is also often steal a bag or congenital fad travelers.  

The island is highly recommended if you go on vacation to Ujung Kulon National Park, probably after you have seen Javan Rhinos you still have time to visit here. do not worry about lodging, because in this island there are several resorts.