The resort first appealed as a low cost resort within easy reach (3-4hrs) drive of Jakarta offering clean skies and waters. And on this level it did not disappoint.

At $65 (per couple) a night incl. b'fast during week and $125 per night incl. b'fast and dinner on w'ends it is low cost.

The skies are clear and the beach quite nice and the water inviting. The level of accommodation is quite good - clean and roomy- although sleeping on the floor with a stone pillow may have offered a more comfortable alternative to the bed and pillows on offer..

We were enjoying our time until two Company outing groups numbering over 200 arrived for some team bonding. Didnt do much for our bonding as the quiet, relaxing resort we were enjoying was transformed. We were moved from the restaurant to the bar area for meals which consisted of battling with the hordes over the buffett- reasonable enough buffet but it was never replenished and after the tour group was through after 20 min there was nothing left for the rest of us but rice, potatoes and vegetables- Ok if your a vegetarian perhaps.

As for the relaxing lounge by the pool that was soon destroyed as team bonding moved to the pool.

So a big tip- check that there are no Company groups booked in during your stay , otherwise quite an enjoyable place for the price.

Beautiful location on the wide sandy/coral beaches looking over the water to Krakatoa, the resort itself is quite pretty and well kept. Beach club offers a range of good value water activities in the blue waters but if planning on a trip to Krakatoa or the close by National Park note that boats only travel with a minimum of 8 people- otherwise you can charter the entire boat for US$ 450- we decided to pass.

Food generally is poor quality although the buffets (if you get in before the tour groups) are quite good especially at $10 per head. The option of escaping to the local restaurants does not exist as the resort is in a secluded location.

The dinner shows on Friday and Saturday are lively and entertaining- drums, dancing and firebreathing pretty well sums it up.

If looking for a low cost escape from Jakarta can recommend it but bring your own pillow and beware of the Company tour groups!
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