I've been to Tanjung Lesung twice, and I like it a lot. But perhaps it's because I'm a traveler who loves quiet places and does not fret much about a lack of entertainment area or a touch of wildness - as in, wildlife, as in frogs jumping in the gardens or even meeting a snake when walking back to the villa. In fact, I find it really amusing. Hey, I took a trip to find different things and situations, not the same urban landscapes I face every day!

I really love the clean and fresh air - my favourite activity to do there is cycling (you can rent a bike), which I cannot do much in Jakarta. We can also take a trip to Ujung Kulon (although I haven't done so) or to a small island with very clean beaches where a horror flick was shot a couple of years ago. Only a family lives in the island, and it's a nice experience to talk and interact with them.

But beware, this place is quite far from Jakarta - about 4 hours drive - but look on the brighter side. Along the way, you will pass small towns bustling with life and other places that may tempt you to stop for a rest or sightseeing. And it maybe a little difficult to find food, so arm yourself with enough food from Jakarta. You can cook in the kitchen, so worry not.

If you don't feel like swimming at the beach, there's a public swimming pool facing the sea (so you won't miss the scenery), and some villas also come with their own private pool so you can swim 24/7 if you like!