We stayed in a group, but it was rather nice.It takes about 4 hours from Jakarta, but you can visit on a day trip.

The sea is pretty beautiful. Countless corals are rolling on the sandy beach and it hurts when walking with bare feetAttention is necessary. Because the sea itself is shallow, children are safe with them.You can experience banana boat at an affordable price and there was a tool rental for snorkeling, too.

Although the cottage makes you feel a little old, it was enough facilities to stay.There was a shower outside, there was a shower & bathtub in the inside, although it was two stories but the toilet was only one on the first floorwas. Also, there was no bath towel for some reason.

There is nothing around the hotel so you had better bring some drinks and food.We had dinner buffet at restaurant, but as expected it was only seaside and seafood was fresh.