Travel destinations "promontory dimples" accelerated in 3 lines

Progress accelerated development of 10 tourist destinations "new Bali" increasingly stretched. Three lines, or 3A (Attractions, Access, Amenitas) monitored Tourism Minister Arief Yahya keep moving."In terms of access, expressway construction plan Serang - Panimbang, BPJT, PUPR, the determination of the contractor (system design and build) until November 2016. Furthermore, land acquisition and construction," Ida said Parvati, PIC Tanjung Lesung, WG 10 Top Destinations Kemenpar.

Then, the process of change in the RTRW as a result of changes in the accessibility continues to speed up. Currently in the process of discussion with the Special Committee in Parliament RTRW Banten."Hopefully quickly completed and the project could move faster," said Ida.

Also Re-activation of the train, which had long been stalled turned on again, according to the request Menpar Arief Yahya. Because the process of rebuilding the old rail stop it much faster and easier. Of course we also have to cooperate with the Ministry of Transportation.

"Currently signed in preparing Documents Detail Design (DED) to track Rangkasbitung - Pandeglang-Saketi - Labuhan. Line This is in conformity with the RTRW," said Ida.

Ida also reported, Banten Governor has also sent a letter to the Ministry of Transportation about the construction of a new airport in the South Banten. At the same time through a central budget allocation requests. The letter was posted to the Ministry of Transportation since September 29, 2016.

Problem attractions, continued Ida, Blogroll & PT. BWJ are making preparations event "Festival Pesona Bahari Tanjung Lesung 2016" on 18 to 20 November 2016. The festival will include the Photography Contest, Jukung Race, Culinary Festival, Handicraft & Souvenir, Business Forum, Launching Batik Cikadu (regency), Launching 7 Wonderful Banten (Provincial Government) & Launching Sail to Regata Tanjung Lesung 2017.

While aspects of amenitas, said Ida, currently concentrating increase capacity, facilities, accommodation, to support the Region KEK Amenitas in Tanjung Lesung. Among them, Air strip, Kampung Sawah Cottage, Ladda Bay Village, Kalicaa Villa, Mongolian Culture Centre, Residence."There is a plan to build 10,000 KEK Region Homestay in Tanjung Lesung. Currently in the process of construction of 50 units of the initial stage," he said.

Ida Irawati under the coordination of the Chairman of the Working Group 10 Top Destinations Kemenpar Hiramsyah Sambudhy Thaib it also explains, it continues to coordinate with BPIW, PUPR to accelerate the realization of the program of Settlement Infrastructure Supporting Tourism. Especially for Tourism Village Cikadu, the village of Tanjung Jaya (Group Batik) on schedule BPIW.

"Critical success Tanjung Dimples is access, and the solution is in the process! Once the highway is completed, then these destinations can thrive!" Hiramsyah said.