Labuan subdistrict and surrounding areas prone to prostitution. This is because there are several points where the evening entertainment, such as karaoke, and a dimly lit stalls.

The results of the monitoring team in the area faktapandeglang Labuan there are places of entertainment and lodging. In addition to the Labuan region, near the border between Labuan are also many entertainment venues.  

As for some of the points entertainment venues located in the territory of Labuan, among others, karaoke Telaga Biru (TB) Pondok Cengkar and Cafe 21 in the area of ​​the power plant, 2 Labuan, Labuan border Carista karaoke-Carita.  

In addition to a karaoke place in the region near the Turkish Profit 2 Labuan power plant thrives dimly lit stalls like mushrooms in the rainy season, do not place the region Tekul harbor village is a place suspected to be gathered entertainment seekers and teenagers.One of the residents of Labuan, Asep said that there are several factors that make the area prone to practice prostitution, among other geographical areas, because Labuan is the tourism areas.  

Besides Labuan is also the center of an urban area of ​​some areas. Finally comes the entertainment places, therefore it is natural that many suspected Labuan into practice prostitution."If I personally frankly want Labuan comfortable and does not become a den of such things, therefore, despite the many entertainment venues local governments can do to the place where Rajia intensive," he said.One source who met at the Gulf port District of Labuan, usually in this area much kongkow seky dressed women drinking coffee and chatting.  

But upon entering the middle of the night. He explained that there is a transaction is usually in this place, but only to people who you know, and it is difficult to prove if carried out raids, for the women who hung on the ground most only until 9 pm."It's hard to detect the presence or prostitution transaction because that is also the reason later raided just play it on the beach when it's goal was clearly looking for prey," said the sources who declined to be named. (Team faktapandeglang)