Trip to Tanjung Lesung and Liwungan Island backpacker style as well as bonus Curug Women in Pulosari Banten

Liwungan is an island near Tanjung Lesung. Starting from connection together in Terminal Wonosobo with the same hobby is riding Mountains, then trip us to Dieng and surroundings, I and others friend, continue the communication and forming a group called "The Shugoiyers" consisting me, Sist wirda, Mis Sonya, Brother adjunct, faith, caucasian, hendry, aziz, adit and Dimaz.

After discussions with everything, I and my friends decided to visit the beach spot in the western area of ​​the island of Java fairly famous, which he said his digandang-gandang Bali offerings, Ujung Kulon. After leaving work, by chance we all work areas Jakarta, so itwas easy to acompany together, just point to one station that can connect all of them, we gathered at the station Cawang on Saturday evening after leaving work.

With planing prepared carefully by all, me and the others set off by car rent Avanza Sis Wirda of his boss hehe, quite right to economical cost of renting a car for two days, traveling from Jakarta to Tanjung Lesung takes about 5 hours to travel conditions relaxing and good traffic jam on the highway and in the area caritanya, knowing we departed from Jakarta at 11:00 and arrive in Tanjung Lesung 04.00. Its Weak and Sick our body really mad bro, but in a car journey of laughter accompany me and the other so that the time of 5 hours isn't feels for us. 

Arriving there we are your contacts that we have with the help of the previous booking Tante Wirda very cool if we can get a bargain hahaha. Home Stay with sloping fees, and rental boats for Liwungan Island and fishing in the sea as much during the day wow sughoiiiiii. Pulau Liwungan (Island), with style randomly, pulau liwungan, style ngasal, Aziz, faith, caucasian, I and Adit. Liwungan Island so crazy man.
When it began to overcast ya in Liwungan although overcast tetep happy and add go crazy LOL. 20140426_114321 narcissistic style on the Liwungan Island 

Day 1, Saturday morning we headed for a bright shade Liwungan island, itwas horreble weather. Long journey to get to the island 30 minutes from the promontory Liwungan dimples. Arriving there we directly deh play water, the basis of everything ga can see clear water directly on nyebur just want everything hahaha. Liwungan Island also was once made the shooting of Ghost Island II tablets, and here too there are ruins of King Siliwangi bit scary ya lol if heard King Siliwangi.

On the Liwungan Island also for backpackers you can pitch a tent, if you don't want to rent a Home Stay, pity we did not get this info when in Jakarta. Our day water main Liwungan Island not feel the cold as increasingly tense, where your smile ... halaah the rich old school song from the movie of the snow mountain rich buki hahahahhaha. Evening came and the weather is unfavorable for us for the time 14.00 broh rainy weather. 

We waited reflux rain on the island Liwungan in Saung already provided there. And after subsided we went straight back to the Home Stay.Night arrived, we've gaple Make a game and playing to accompany a night, but last arrival in Tanjung Lesung from Liwungan Similarly, all on tepar broh, just Gw, Aziz and Bule whose stamina is still on continued LOL. 

After the purchase of fish and preparing for the funeral pyre fish broh language. Instinct mischief appeared, I 've make a photograph to children layed after go to Liwungan Island with various expressions funny and hilarious Abis. 

Time show at 22:00, it's time burning ceremony and play card, waking up me  all one by one by way leg wakakka, digelitikin edition broh. And this is the result of the main edition gaple. see dah expression Wirda aunt who always lose playing gaple, and i was hit bro, this is because we are still a newbie compared to the Adit, Caucasians and ka Sonya. Fate-fate advance so I No Problem Ok really wakakakak.