Around Liwungan Island near Tanjung Lesung

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The cluster of clouds too thick to make the blue reflection fall into the ocean. That morning seemed dark. But not for us bloggers, journalists, and the instagrammer and friends of Jababeka who were vacationing together at the tip of West Java Island. The sound of the camera shutter constantly not to be outdone by the roar of the ship.Two old fishing boat engine took us to walk slowly in the Sunda Strait. We slowly left the island of Java to the island 

Liwungan - uninhabited islands touted as belonging to the former governor of Banten is now languishing in detention Commission. Reportedly, this island ever made filming a horror movie first. So it feels a bit creepy."Better we go in the morning so I'll be see a lot of gulls," said Sinyo, one of the staff of Tanjung Lesung Hotel. Along the way to Liwungan, we passed a lot of cages and of course seagulls to find prey. Seagulls perched on top of cages seaakan waiting for the fishermen and we threw the small fish. After one of the fishermen melamparkan small fish from our ship, some gulls flew low follow our ship. We shouted in excitement as he tries to follow the movement of the gulls in the past autofocus camera. 

After about half an hour we were on the ship, we finally arrived at liwungan. I think the island is uninhabited, but there was a family who lived here as a guardian of the island. They were commissioned by the Local Government Pandeglang to preserve the island.Liwungan island has white bepasir sides, but the rocky more. Unfortunately, a side view of the white sands decorated in a shelter for coal mines. Two people appear to use snorkel gear, whether what they see. We started walking into the forest to get around the island.Liwungan forest is still very beautiful. Birds singing and the smell of wet earth the former rain accompanied us.  

Actually there is a footpath, but it was already closed branches pohoh. After 10 minutes of walking, we reached the end of the island that has beach Stone Solution.I had circled over the island from the forest to the sides. Coral reefs great indeed sharp, but has a unique shape. There are tree roots that penetrate the rocks on the beach, make indentations place to foreground in landscape photos. Several large fallen tree branching along the branches were broken and hanging accompany me down the beach liwungan. Cluttered does, indeed, but this sensation along the unspoiled island in 

Tanjung Lesung this area."It's the water was high tide, when receding shapes unique coral can be seen," said one of our guides.Not much to do in Liwungan besides trekking beach and photographs. Damaged reefs are still in the process of transplantation, so maybe the next few years can only be used for snorkeling or diving. Hopefully, from the Regional Government of Banten and Jababeka parties could collaborate to make the island Liwungan become attractive destinations such as neighbors Ujung Kulon and Krakatau.