Tanjung Lesung Resorts. Banten is famous for its exotic beaches, the name Anyer popular among beach lovers. But the travelers who avoid the crowd must try the beauty of Tanjung Lesung, a quiet beach in the area Pandeglang.

It takes approximately two hours drive from Serang to Tanjung Lesung using private vehicles. Or three hours if taken from Jakarta with a distance of 160 KM from the capital.

According to Ida (26) travelers from Tangerang argue that Tanjung Lesung is the preferred beach if need a calmer atmosphere, "The atmosphere is calm, not crowded rich Anyer or Carita. Free of waste, the facilities are also good. The waves are not high, the water is still blue, "he said.

Tanjung Lesung is said to have the best sunset sunset, because of its position in the western region so as to make the sun land behind Krakatau's son. Varied beach facilities also make pewisata feel at home for long. There is Kano, Jet Ski, Banana Boat, or can swim in the clear sea water.

The facilities are generally well maintained, comparable to the price of entry which is more expensive compared to the beach in Anyer area, Tanjung Lesung in bandrol about 40 thousand rupiah per person for a single ticket entry.

Access is still difficult to reach the reason why travelers think, but the good news in 2018 will be built toll roads that will facilitate travel. It is planned after the construction of the toll, the flow of entry from Ciujung toll road and exit in Panimbang. (Yd)