Tanjung Lesung is a name of village on Pandeglang Town, Banten Province. This village located at a cape, a land jutting out into the sea. According to the legend, the village was named Tanjung Lesung because of certain event happened on that place. Below the story why it was named Tanjung Le

Once upon a time, at the Java Island's South Coast, there was a traveler named Raden Budog. He was a handsome brave young man. On his journey, he always accompanied by his faithful horse and his dog. One afternoon, after he took bath on the beach, Raden Budog rested under shady Ketapang Tree. The cool sea breeze made him fell sleep fast. On his sleep, he dreamed that he went travel to the north and met with a beautiful girl. Her beauty made him stunned. He saw that girl smiled at him as she reached out her hands. When  he had been trying to reach her hands, suddenly a small tree branch fell into his forehead. He was so surprised, he woke up from his dream, and he threw away the branch with anger because he couldn't continue his sweet dream.

Since that event, Raden Budog's heart weren't stay clam because his mind always think about the girl's sweet smile. Even it was only dream, he felt that his meeting with the girl was almost like reality. Because he was so curious about that, he decided to went on a journey to the north to find the girl on his dream. After prepared enough supplies, Raden Budog rode his beloved horse to the north while his dog had walking in front of his master.

After days of walking on a steep road, he arrived at some place on high ground which known as Tali Alas, nowadays it is known as Pilar. From that place, Raden Budog could see a view of the vast ocean blue with a beautiful beach at its coast. He rested on that place while enjoying his remaining meals and he let his horse free on a grass field while his dog had been hunting the quails on the brushes.

After felt enough rested, Raden Budog continued his journey to the beach which known as Pantai Cawar. When he arrived at the beach, he dismounted his horse then ran toward the sea and plunged himself to the water.

"Amazing, this seawater is so cool!" Raden Budog said that while he had been washing his face.

The coolness of Pantai Cawar's seawater relieved his exhausted body. After he felt so healthy, he went to the creek around the beach to wash himself with a freshwater. After that, he approached his horse and his dog which had been sitting by the beach to continued his journey. But something happened, when its saw its master, the dog and the horse didn't welcome its master with a bark neither a neigh. Its didn't moved a single inch despite its master calling. Raden Budog was so astonished with the weird attitude of his pets.

"Come on, stand up, lets continue our journey!" Raden Budog shouted.

His dog and his horse were stayed still. Apparently, those two animals felt so tired had walked on a long journey, even moved its body were so hard to do.

"Okay, if you don't want to follow my order and keep still like a rock, I will abandoning you here," Raden Budog said with anger.

Raden Budog words became reality. His horse and his dog suddenly turned into rocks. Finally, Raden Budog must continue his journey with only walked on his feet. His determination was high. The only thing on his mind was only his dream girl.

Raden Budog keep walked, he also didn't care about his worn out clothes neither his dirty body. When he arrived at a river, he stopped his journey because the river was flooded.

"Ahh, its better for me to take some rest in here while I wait for the flood to stop," Raden Budog mumbled while he had been laying on the big rock beside the river.

Just when Raden Budog laid on the rock, he heard a sound of lesung came from the other side of the river. He was so surprised yet happy. "There must be a village across this river, the home of my dream girl," he said  it with certainty.

Raden Budog couldn't wait until the flood stops, he really wanted to meet with his dream girl. He tried to crossing the river despite the flood had not stopped. In the end he succeeded to across the river with all of his remaining strength. When he arrived at the village's gate, he decide to took a rest for a while to restore his strength while he had been viewing around.

Few time later, the melodic sound made from lesung inside the village was heard again. Raden Budog heartbeat went faster because he felt that his dream girl was came closer. He then stood up and walked toward the source of the music. The further he went into the village, the music heard louder. When he arrived  at the front of some house, seen the village's girls playing lesung, ngeggondang, happily. The habit of ngaggondang was a tradition of the villagers when the season for planting the rice starts. But they didn't doing the tradition when friday because it was sacred.

Meanwhile, Raden Budog was stunned watched those girls hand which playing the lesung skillfully. He was more astonished when he saw a stunningly beautiful girl was swinging her hands while she commanded the other girls. She was the leader of those girls who were playing ngaggondang.

"She is the girl who ever existed on my dream," Raden Budog toughed.

to be continued . . . . .

Raden Budog was very happy, the girl he wanted the most was standing in front of him. He kept looking to the girl without blinked. Meanwhile, Sri Poh Haci felt that someone was looking at her, soon she gave her friend a sign to stop playing ngagondang. The girls stopped playing pestle in their hands then went to their respectable house, including Sri Poh Haci. She greeted by her mother when she was arrived at her house.

"Why the play was only briefly, my child?" asked Sri Pih Haci's mother which used to be called Nyi Siti.

"There was a handsome young man which I never seen before. He kept watching me when I was playing ngagondang, I was shy mom." Sri Poh Haci explained.

Just when they talked about the strange young man, the sound of the door being knocked followed by a man voice was heard.

"Sampurasun... Excuse me.."

"Rampes...," Sri Poh Haci's mother answered while she went to open the door.

When Nyi Siti opened the door, a handsome young man was standing in front of it.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, can I spend the night in madam's house?". The man which is Raden Budog asked.

Nyi Siti surprised when she heard the request of the strange man.

"I'm sorry kisanak, who are you and where are you come from? Why kisanak want to spend the night in my house? We not yet know kisanak," Nyi Siti asked with suspicion. Raden Budog then introduced himself.

"My name is Raden Budog. I'm a traveler and came to this village by chance. If allowed, please let me stay on madam's house just for one night," Raden Budog said.

"I'm sorry Raden, only me and my daughter are staying here. I dared not to take a man as a guest, especially to spend the night on my house," Nyi Siti answered firmly as she closed the door.

Apparently, Nyi Siti didn't like the attitude of Raden Budog which she think it was too impudent. Meanwhile, Raden Budog felt annoyed because his request was denied by the middle-age woman. Because it was starting to dark, he then decided to rest on the bamboo chair close to Nyi Siti's house.

"Ah, I think I should be sleep in here," Raden Budog murmured while he lie down his body on the chair.

The traveler was fast asleep. On his sleep, he dreamed that he was given the permission to stay on Nyi Siti's house. It wasn't Nyi Siti who was giving the permit, but Sri Poh Haci. Suddenly, in the middle of his sweet dream, his nose smelled a fresh coffee. When he opened his eye, the sun appeared in the eastern horizon, and a beautiful girl was standing beside him.

"Please drink your coffee, Raden!" The girl said.

"Hi, who are you? And why did you know my name?" Raden Budog asked while being pretended that he didn't know that the girl is Nyi Siti's daughter.

"My name is Sri Poh Haci, Nyi Siti's daughter," the girl introduced herself.

Apparently, Sri Poh Haci was secretly fallen in love with the handsome Raden Budog. After a few days Raden Budog stayed on the village, he succeed made Sri Poh Haci to be his lover and they were planning to be married soon. Actually, Nyi Siti didn't agree if her daughter was getting married with a young man from nowhere. Moreover, she knew that the young man was stubborn. Even so, because she didn't wanted to disappoint her daughter's heart, she had to bless their marriage.

After marrying Sri Poh Haci, Raden Budog stayed on the village. Every his wife played mortar and pestle, he always came watching her because he was happy when he heard that music, and sometimes he learn to play it. With the time goes by, Raden Budog became more happy to play the mortar and pestle so that sometimes he forgot the track of time.

One time, carried by the excitement, Raden Budog played mortar and pestle on friday. He played though he was warned by his wife that playing mortar and pestle on friday was prohibited. The elder of the village also have warned him that it was very sacred to playing on friday. But the stubborn Raden Budog didn't listen to their warning and still played mortar and pestle on friday. He played like crazy, he kept beating the mortar while jumped happily like a lutung (black long-tailed monkey).

"Look...! Look...! A Lutung is playing mortar!" peoples screamed.

Apparently, Raden Budog didn't realize that he already transformed became a monkey. Because he couldn't bear no shame, he left the village secretly and disappeared to nowhere. According to the legend, Sri Poh Haci became a Rice Goddess and in order to commemorate Sri Poh Haci skill in playing mortar (lesung), local people called that village Tanjung Lesung.