Pulau Peucang Island The Hidden Paradise in Banten Indonesia

Wisata Pulau Peucang Banten
Wisata Pulau Peucang Banten Island. Banten is one of the provinces in Indonesia, located in the westernmost part of Java Island. During this time many Banten known horned rhino breeding only included as a category of endangered species.It turned out that in addition to having to educate the travel nature reserve, Banten also has a hidden paradise, island Peucang Banten.Naming Peucang may historically taken from the name of an animal similar to the slug, are found in the coastal areas of this Peucang. Pets are widely referred to as the "eyes Peucang".Then this island as Pulau dinamakanlah Peucang. But if it is associated with the term "Peucang" in Sundanese means to be a deer.Peucang located not far from the coastal province of Banten. It is in a strait Panaitan are still entered into the territory of Pandeglang, Banten. Area of ​​the island is only about 450 hectares.Amazingly the island's entry into one of the world heritage site by UNESCO. This is due to its location not too far from the Conservation Area or National Park Ujung Kulon.Banten Peucang Island is located east of the Ujung Kulon National Park. Therefore, the beach is widely used as the next tourist destination by tourists who had just been to a special breeding places of the one-horned rhino.The beauty and wisdom of nature Peucang able to attract enough tourists to visit.
To enjoy the beauty and wisdom of nature that unfolds in Peucang this you must by sea through the pier crossing located in the district. Well.For the distance, district well is approximately 9 hours of travel (if normal) from the capital. Until this crossing pier you can take advantage of a private or rented vehicle.If you prefer a backpacker way you can use the bus from Kalideres for the purpose of Labuan. Then from Labuan you can use the elf that operate only until about 3pm.If it exceeds 3 pm you can rent another car to get to Pier wells. Pier wells would have to be continued with the advent of the Sea, using fishing boats.

Wisata Pulau Peucang Banten
As for the duration of the trip from the dock to the lips Peucang island is approximately 3 to 4 hours of travel, travel time is still affected by the weather conditions and the uncertain seas.

The service especially for you who may have never been to Banten region at all, the route to another island Peucang actually there, namely through Pulau Umang.

On this island you can take advantage of water sports facilities to get to the island Peucang. For the issue of cost is actually still quite affordable, especially if you go in groups you may not need to pay more than one million tickets, transportation and accommodations.

But if there are other additional activities may be additional charges other funds to prepare a minimum of two million for the whole of your holiday on the island of Peucang Banten.