Attractions Turkish prime anyer Legon, located in District Cinangka Serang regency of Banten Province includes a very nice beach with a row of Lesbian Lesbian in front of the beach and has a swimming pool facility also beach front.

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All that for you to be looking for a place to release the sense of fatigue after a long week with a lot of routine work.

Legon travel Route Anyer beach close to the capital Jakarta is close to only about a 2.5 hour drive from Jakarta via toll Cilegon.

All tourists are able to enjoy the beach without coral ramps and shady beach atmosphere that is the hallmark of excellence Anyer beach Legon is so strategic to fill your holiday with the family dynamic at an economical priceoptimaziont for blogger.

The game is complete all the beach you'll find when you're on holiday there. Such as, Banana boat, Jet sky, bogy board are all there as a complement to a holiday event with family or with the working relationship possible after you are satisfied with all the games that have been on trial travelers.Want to buy Souvenir everything you would get by easily, because everything is available all in this anyer Turkish prime Legon.optimaziont for blogger.jpg

Atmosphere Prima Anyer Beach Banten Legon is seen by many tourists who were playing in the sand beautiful brown very tempting instincts travelers will be looking for a holiday atmosphere in the open mingle with beloved family. There you can hold a Family Gathering a large family or official events of your company along with working relationship.Let's make the beach Legon primed to fill the mooring anyer day event more meaningful and perfect with beloved family Anyer beach to stop by the Legon Turkish prime strategic location for special events fill with those loved ones. Picks spend a vacation at the beach Legon prima anyer it is the preferred alternative for a holiday near the coast of Jakarta has the charm of the natural world and complete facilities for tourists who want a weekend meaningful. With the price of admission Legon Anyer Beach Banten fairly cheap,

Admission prices Legon Anyer Beach
Large bus @ Rp. 600.000, -
Small Bus @ Rp. 500.000, -
Car Elf @ Rp. 350.000, -
Private cars @ Rp 65.000, -
Motorcycle @ Rp. 15.000, -
Price Swimming Pool @ Rp 15000, - / personLocation Legon prime tourist beaches in Anyer beach is one group with Prima Resort Hotel Anyer.Convenience will be a beach in Anyer only in Legon prima Anyer beach.