Serang - Blogroll states and uncertain about the proposed mine site Panimbang airports in South Banten (Bansel), whether located in the productive agricultural land or not.

However, if it is true, then there are two options that will be considered, the first will find another piece of land or the state is obliged to replace the productive land.

"Both yes find land that is not productive. Kan has not been the establishment of the land, the new license, the determination waiting decree, "said Secretary of Banten, Ranta Soeharta, Sunday (14/2).He himself claimed not to know the details of whether the land will be used as it stands at the airport of productive land. "Ask (services) Agriculture, I do not know. It must be the first real data, make sure that it's true, "said Ranta.

Senada said Head of Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) Banten, Hudaya Latuconsina. According to him, the certainty of the airport land waiting for a feasibility study / feasibility study of the central government.

"Not that. That is his right FS (Feasibility Study) should be completed first. If my knowledge, there are also many non-productive land, or productivity levels began to weaken, "said Hudaya.He said the central government recently set the location in general namely District Panimbang. "Just say the point Panimbang, yet detail in mananya. Of course if they disturb our productive land must be given consideration, "said the acting regent Serang.

According to him, in preparing the feasibility study will be considerations, including the provincial government to provide input.

"Central definitely open, inevitably involves the area, we will provide inputs. (If true) means that there is an obligation of liberating the land in this country to replace the productive land. We had the regulation of how we strive to secure productive land, up to a target of 1 million dried paddy. This right should be considered, "he said.

Even so, according to him, the land in the area Panimbang not be used to grow rice because it is rainfed. "And there has been a lot of plantation land that has not been as productive as oil," he said.

Related to possible service so Bansel International Airport, according to Hudaya it is not impossible. "Initially the 500 hectares, then up to 1,500 hectares. In terms of planning, first forms as airports pioneer. If yesterday the governor talks led Lion Air rejected MoT (related service Maja), can be shifted (to Panimbang). Means the type of its airport will be upgraded, so FS her to be mature. Obligations at the center, but usually in a consultant, "he said.

He hopes, in the process towards the land acquisition is no role of speculators. "Now efforts speculator's already happened. This is actually the state's obligation not to be distracted by speculators, it's the state's interests, the interests of the welfare of opening doors, not the one plagued speculators, "he said.

To note, the original development plan Bansel service that has been going since 2010 following the Decree (SK) Kemenhub No. 433/2010 on the determination of the location of the new airport and the planned construction of an airport in Pandeglang with a land area of ​​600 hectares.

Bansel service development plan will be conducted over two phases, the first phase will make the land acquisition of 250 hectares with a target of 2014. The implementation of the second phase of land acquisition and physical development of its airport area of ​​350 hectares with totak needs of construction land of 600 hectares Bansel service. (Meth / yul)