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Tanjung Lesung tourist area is one of the tourist destinations owned Pandeglang in Banten area. This destination offers a number of interesting places, such as the tourist village of Tanjung Lesung Beach Bodur, Pulau Liwungan Island, Pulau Umang Island and etc.

Tanjung Lesung tourist area is 1,500 ha land jutting into the sea and has a shape like a mortar. In this region, there are beautiful views of the expanse of clean white sand and natural.

In addition, the stretch is not so steep cliff on the north side of the headland and lagoon depth of about 5 meters also adds to the charm of attractions Banten this one. Beach in Tanjung Lesung has waves are relatively quiet and not great.

Tanjung Lesung tourist area is quite well known among the people of Banten. Historically, Tanjung Lesung is the name of a village that was formerly the village dimples. This name was made to commemorate the expertise of a girl named Sri Poh Haci clever play dimples and ngagondang.

According to the story, Sri Poh Haci is a clever girl and became a leader in his village girl while playing dimples. Once when he meets and falls in love with a traveler from the south coast of Java island named Raden Budog who come wandering into the village. Raden Budog fell in love with the beauty and excellence of Sri Poh Haci while playing dimples.

Tourism in Tanjung Lesung Banten West Java

The landscaping is beautiful Tanjung Lesung in Banten

The landscaping is beautiful Tanjung Lesung in Banten via potretkata.wordpress.com
After the two married, Raden Budog who love listening to the rhythm of the mortar, often watching Sri Poh Haci while playing a mortar and gradually feel happy playing a mortar to forget the time. Raden Budog who stubbornly continue to play dimples, including on Friday which is considered a sacred and should not be playing the mortar by local residents.

For violating a taboo, Raden Budog turned into a monkey and Sri Poh Haci embarrassed eventually went out of his hometown. Therefore Sri Poh Haci village is situated on a promontory, gradually people refer to it as Tanjung Lesung.

Address Tanjung Lesung: Tanjungjaya, Pandeglang, Banten
Location map: click here
GPS Coordinates: -6.471666,105.66585

Tanjung Lesung beach is a tourist area of ​​natural coastline in the exclusive area of ​​Pandeglang, Banten. The beach area of ​​about 1,500 hectares and began unveiled to the public since January 1998. 

Currently used as Pantai Tanjung Lesung Beach Special Economic Zones (SEZ/KEK) Tourism in Banten. According to the local community name 'headland dimples' comes from naming the location of beaches in the form of land slightly inclined into the sea like the tip of a mortar is a traditional tool for pounding rice. 

Thing to do/Activities in Tanjung Lesung

There are many things you can do in Tanjung Lesung, one of them to invite your family to vacation in this beach while capture the precious moment with a digital camera, this beach can also raise your spirits.  

For a more casual option, you can sit in the existing cottage on the beach while enjoying a cup of hot coffee Indag accompanied by the beautiful scenery and sea birds flying lower. 

For couples who want to honeymoon, the beach is a place from which to be made in tandem with your beloved. Tranquil setting with a bandage natural scenery is so romantic.  

Walk on the beach during the afternoon a couple holding hands and listening to the waves will be very beautiful and become a memorable and romantic memories. 

For Nature lovers, you can enjoy a wealth of biodiversity enchanting underwater world this beach. Diving is a chance for you to see the beauty of coral reefs and small snail hiding behind coral reefs.  

Here too there are many different types of fish that swim to and from since come your way. 

Locations of Tanjung Lesung Beach

This beach is located in the village of Tanjung Jaya, District Panimbang, Pandeglang, Banten Province. You can take the route to the car way even Motocycle from Jakarta - Serang - Merak. Further out the door Toll Gate East Serang Timur. Once you pass through the city of Serang, continue the journey toward Pandeglang and Labuan until ending at Tanjung Lesung.

Tourism activities at Tanjung Lesung Beach

Tanjung Lesung tourist area offers a number of options attractive tourist area. Besides that also suitable as a family tourist destination. Cape Dimples can be used as a venue for various official events, ranging from launching the product, training, until the family gathering by leveraging existing outbound vehicle.

In general, there are three tourist areas that you can choose as you wish.

1. Sports available in Tanjung Lesung Beach

Various sports facilities, ranging from mild to sports that require special skills you can do in Tanjung Lesung. With the guidance of a professional guide, you can exercise paddle a like kayak, golf, jet skis, and games that adrenaline like banana boat, etc.

Playing a jet ski on the beach of Tanjung Lesung
Playing a jet ski on the beach of Tanjung Lesung
Paintball game that combines physical exercise and thinking skills strategies also can do with guidance from a supervisor.
Paddle a kayak in Tanjung Lesung
Paddle a kayak in Tanjung Lesung via suaratangsel.com

2. Adventures in Tanjung Lesung Beach

If you like adventure, you can roam the island or snorkeling activities to the area close to the tourist area of ​​Tanjung Lesung, namely Krakatau, Ujung Kulon and Liwungan Island. In addition to tours Tanjung Lesung, you can also find the experience of other Banten maritime activities, namely Pulau Umang tour and so on.

Snorkeling in Tanjung Lesung

Snorkeling in Tanjung Lesung via tanjunglesung.com
You can travel by boat or a boat with a long journey of about 20 minutes.

3. Culture around Tanjung Lesung Village

If you want to learn the culture and habits of the local population, the tourist area of ​​Tanjung Lesung also offers cultural attractions that you can encounter in the village and the village Cikadu Cipanon.

When you come to this village, you will be greeted with the sound of mortar. You can even play along with the residents there.

Activity Cikanon Kampung Tanjung Lesung

Activity Cikanon Kampung Tanjung Lesung via nomadictrip.com
Additionally, you can also know about the activities of fishermen in the village when fishing. You will be taught how to traditionally fishing and fish processing method according to the locals.

If you want to learn gardening, you can learn gardening techniques in the village to become a farmer Cikadu bark or vegetable growers. If lucky, you can cultivate your own vegetables and take it home as a souvenir for the family at home.

Salak in Kampung Tanjung Lesung Cikadu

Salak in Kampung Tanjung Lesung Cikadu via lewatmana.com
Hotels in Tanjung Lesung
There are a number of places that you can choose as a place to stay while in Tanjung Lesung, especially if you come with a group, such as Kalicaa Villa Tanjung Dimples, Blue Whale Sanctuary, and Blue Fish Hotel. The accommodation facilities provided are standard facilities star hotel that will not disappoint.

You can search for hotel or inn near Tanjung Dimples online to ensure room availability. One of the online booking is a popular AGODA.

The trip to the Tanjung Lesung

To be able to arrive in the tourist area of ​​Banten this one, you can travel overland by bus, private car, or a two-wheeled vehicle with a duration of about 4 hours journey with the aim of Pandeglang city. There are two routes of travel that you can take to get to the tourist area of ​​Tanjung Lesung.

These Firstly, you can take the route Jakarta-Merak toll road, then exit at Toll Gate East Serang. After passing through the city of Serang, you continue your journey towards the City Pandeglang and Labuan and to finally arrive in Tanjung Lesung.

The second route, from the Jakarta-Merak toll road, exit at Toll Gate Cilegon. Then you continue the journey along the coast of Anyer - Carita up towards Labuan, and finally arrived in Tanjung Lesung.

If you want to Tanjung Lesung by using the motorcycle, you may choose a two-mile route following:

a) IPB Bogor >> Rangkas Bitung Jasinga >> >> >> Pandeglang Tanjung Lesung
b) Attack Serpong >> Cimone >> >> >> Pandeglang Tanjung Lesung