What the hell can you do in Tanjung LesungArriving at Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel and Resort, after a 3 hour drive, you have to wait to enjoy your vacation an enjoyable day. For those of you who do not know how to Tanjung Lesung, can be seen in the Directions to Tanjung Lesung kira2 Well what the hell that you can enjoy in Tanjung Lesung Resort? Maybe you want to just fall-lying by the pool while listening to the splash of water that flows and accompanied by some fresh fruit juices. Yes all that you would get in Tanjung Lesung. Tanjung Lesung but also has a more interesting activities specifically for you to enjoy. Kira2 what yah? 

Adventure / AdventureTanjung Dimples and its surroundings is paradise for The Lovers Outdooor Activity. Outdoor Activity in Tanjung Lesung makes people impressed and often come back to Tanjung Lesung.Nature / NatureIn geography and geology, Tanjung Lesung given natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Both animals and plants that are here, all well-maintained ecosystems 
Culture / CultureSeneca, Roman Philosopher once said that fertile soil, may not be productive without cultivation. Also the mind without culture will not produce good fruit. Tanjung Lesung given fertile soil and solid. Kebudidayaan highly concentrated and well. Just a step from the Cape mortar, we can see the art culture of the Bedouin tribes. 

Leisure / Enjoy Leisure TimeRest for a moment to yourself is a very beautiful and understandable. Doing things that make yourself calm and safe also berenergy back. May play golf or spend your evening enjoying the SPA treatment. Tanjung Lesung all available completely for the purposes of all visitors. 

6 Activities Mandatory Try in Tanjung LesungAlready talking briefly about Tanjung Lesung, already discussed hotels and accommodation there, now saatnyaaaaa .. JENG JENG JEEENG! Ngebahas mandatory activity conducted in daaerah integrated area and surrounding tourist!1. Eat at the restaurant Bu EntinSeafood restaurant with a menu mainstay brains were approximately 1 hour before reaching this resort is kuntji. KUDU MANDATORY SUNNAH NABI COBA kalo emang like grilled squid and brains that fat and taste the fish. Yum-yum!RM Bu Entin2. Channelling sporting talent to play water polo2x play water polo in the infinity pool which is located on the beach front, me and the team won a landslide! Yiiihaaa! The goal and the ball is already provided by the hotel, if senyumin mas-masnya little, they gladly ambilin ball out of the pool. Do not worry be happy. Do not forget underwater photographs were heits!Water Polo cape dimplesunderwater promontory dimples3. Main aer at the beach club hotelAs the incarnation of the daughter of dugongs stranded, water main is obligatory if the are on the beach. So fitting in Tanjung Lesung is do not waste any sport activities at the beach club hotel like jetski, kayaking, banana boat, or boat donut that makes soul and your ass shake and slap-slap * * ooh sounds kinky.Tanjung dimples beach club hotel4. Blend in with the locals in the village CikaduHere you can visit a craft lamp using banana bark, bark picking Barus (original or barking Tanjung dimple small but sweet) straight from the tree, until the pictures with the children there who seems happy workshop Ko ngeliat us- we dateng.village cikadu5. Photos silhouette at sunset timeIf from the hotel swimming pool, melipirlah to the left in the evening. Tinge sun perfect for making photographs of beautiful silhouette that can manipulate the display face is somewhat lacking. Understandably, it's a silhouette. Kalo foto 2 × 3 facade later asked if aja Pak RT fitting you would like to have a license to marry.

6. mantengin show DebusBanten is identical with the show "mystical" featuring moves beyond common sense. Pierced his neck until penetrated the thick needle use such devices, sleep-sleep relaxed on glass, eating fire, and many more, all of which I see directly in front of the eye. Nothing real deception and penetrate the needle and all piso-pisoan woooi! * * I do not sante hold-hold until the AA lher let me be more confident * mode * * standing applause *cape dimples DebusIt was her sixth compulsory activity that I think that has been to Tanjung Lesung for 3 days. What do you think? There is something missing? Sok atuh added in the comments section. Have a great day and happy traveling!