Mentawai regency of West Sumatra province. Mentawai archipelago includes four large islands namely Sipora Island, the island of Siberut Island North Pagai and South Pagai. Siberut is the largest island, and the only island that has a regular shipping service that connects with the Siberut island of Sumatra, especially Padang. As the largest island town and administrative center is also located on the island of Mentawai is precisely in Tuapejat city that is located on the North side.

The islands in the Mentawai is the culmination of a "back" on the underwater mountain range. Besides the location of the islands also located off the coast of West Sumatra province and surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean. The existence of the Mentawai islands in the middle of the vast ocean, making in Mentawai beaches are known for having clean sand and beautiful scenery, while the waves were also good especially for surfing
Recorded no less than 400 points are surfing in the Mentawai islands, from the waves that are up to the most challenging waves in the world looking for surfers. Naturally, presumably if at beaches have good waves are often held world-class surfing event, which is increasingly introducing Mentawai name abroad. Bosua village is one destination among the world-famous surfing waves in the village of Bosua reach 3 meters making it suitable for siapapaun who like adrenaline challenging, but be careful with somewhat rocky beaches. Bosua village can be reached by speedboat from the capital districts, Tuapejat and takes about 4 hours.

Nyang Nyang Island Village Katurei also has waves that reach 4 meters high, and referred to as one of the highest waves in the world. Other places that have high waves are Karamajat island that is still present in the village at this place Katurei waves can reach 2-4 meters. If want a beach that has calm waves and safe for families the island Siruso and Bulasat Beach is a beach that is suitable because it has low waves, white sand and clear sea water.

Besides beaches and surfing attraction, Mentawai also offers attractions trekking into the jungle interior is still beautiful green tropical experience with a variety of its animal that lives in it. While local people in the know with the Mentawai people are still traditional and uphold their traditions. Cultural villages in the know still retain original customs and culture, among others Madobak village, Ugai village, and the village Matotonan.
To get to the Mentawai islands accessible by motor boats that serve penyebranagan from Padang to Mentawai. Or if it has a budget of more then can rent a small plane that Tiger Air or SMAC to Tuapejat on the island of Sipora from Minangkabau International Airport.