The Most Beautiful Places in Mentawai Islands
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Mentawai Islands are part of the province of West Sumatra which since 1999 is set to be a district. The position of the Mentawai Islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean makes it a marvelous sea surrounded by nature and perfect for marine tourism. Mentawai Islands itself is a series of non-volcanic island where a cluster of islands is the culmination of an underwater ridge. There are four islands that make up the island of Siberut Mentawai Islands, the island of Sipora, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai. Location islands located off the coast of West Sumatra province that extends and surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Mentawai has become one of the famous tourist destination of adventure, cultural tourism and marine tourism, especially surfers surfing interest at home and abroad.

Sipora Island

Sipora Island is the smallest island but the most strategic and adequate in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. Compared to the other four major islands in the Mentawai, position Sipora island right in the middle between the Pagai Islands and the island of Siberut. This island is also located in the capital city of Mentawai Islands district, the Old Pejat. Waves on the island of Sipora almost be hunted throughout the year. However, the best time for surfing is April to October.

Sipora Island

Sipora Island

Siberut Island

Siberut Island is the largest island in the Mentawai Islands and is located off the coast of West Sumatra, which is separated by the Mentawai Strait. Siberut island is sekitar155 km from the city of Padang. The trip to Siberut takes dozens of hours by boat, a trip far enough to reach this island. But the adventure and experience as well as its natural beauty invite those who thirst for adventure to be visited and explored all the assets held, including a wealth of culture, customs, and the charming tropical nature.

Siberut Island

Island Nyang-Nyang

Nyang-Nyang Island is one of the Mentawai Islands cluster. Its existence has been known to foreign countries as a paradise for surfers. It was said that they (surfers) mention that the waves in Mentawai as the third best in the world after Hawaii and Tahiti. Nyang-Nyang island with exotic natural scenery is located right in the district of South Siberut, Mentawai Islands.
Island Nyang-Nyang
Island Nyang-Nyang

Siberut National Park

Siberut National Park Visiting Siberut National Park is an adventure package that is a combination of a variety of activities, namely boating, rowing, walking in muddy paths, enjoying the beauty of tropical forests, as well as observation of plants / animals. In addition to beautiful, Mentawai also plays an important role for the conservation. Since 1981, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) set Siberut Mentawai Island as one of the biosphere reserves so that its existence must be protected and kept away from exploitation. Exoticism Siberut plus the four primates endemic to the Mentawai, namely Simakobu or pig-tailed macaque (Simias concolor), bilou or dwarf gibbon (Hylobates klosii), Joja or Mentawai langur (Presbytis potenziani), and the Mentawai macaque (Macaca pagensis).

Siberut National Park


Sikakap is the other side of the Mentawai Islands-which is very famous as a surfing area of ​​international level. Sikakap strait water is very calm. Barely choppy and convenient for small boats traversed back and forth across the strait from the side of South Pagai and North Pagai.


Sikakap Sub District has many attractions, how many of them are Mabola Beautiful Beaches in the hamlet Mabola, and Bakkat Binuang. Binuang famous talent with beautiful beaches and coral reefs

Mentawai Islands also offers inland attractions of trekking cover pristine tropical forest, enjoying the lifestyle of the indigenous peoples who live peacefully in it. Mentawai is an area unspoiled by human hands and a lot of modern infrastructure. Finally, Mentawai is one of the island attractive to visit.
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