Want to enjoy a holiday with a beautiful view and away from the atmosphere of the city? ... Tanjung Dimples can be a family vacation destination and personal, and I finally had the opportunity to explore the Paradise in the West Coast 😀

Green Coral Beach Camp Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung is a coastal tourist area has a total area of ​​1500 hectares, the area is located in the village of Tanjung Jaya, District Panimbang, Pandeglang, Banten. This region not only offers beautiful beaches and water sports. But it also comes with a wide range of accommodation facilities of various classes, such as hotels, villas, cottages, even camping or camping. 

I chose Camping at Green Coral Beach http://www.tanjunglesung.com/where-to-stay/5/green-coral, Discount Camping here provides a package price starting from 200rb - 350rb / pax (quite thrifty budget ya ^ _ ^ ) can click here http://greencoralbeachtanjunglesung.blogspot.com/p/our-package.html package, 

I'm not a marketing oya ya know ,, only customer appreciative of the service management at Green Coral 😀The trip from Jakarta-Tanjung Lesung travel time + 4 hours, with the current traffic conditions, and this entry Tanjung Lesung area which is so beautifully arranged 🙂

In this area we will be given a clue signboard according to the area each, eg Villa, Club Sailing, Green Coral camp, etc. And when you sign on the gate Green Coral for visitors who want to enjoy the beach, lunch or air travel be charged Rp. 75,000 / 1x entrance, because I've been booking for camping so did not need to pay again at the front gate.

The facilities in this area such as the mosque, Restaurant, restrooms, parking areas all arranged beautifully maintained and clean, comfortable and safe through 😀

Here we do not worry about starving or hard to find food, because the package offered by 350rb / pax we can already 3x meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and 1x Coffee break. The menu is all about seafood with large portions and yummy (read: check back to you if completed scales of Tanjung Lesung)

We also got a free voucher Watersport 1x game, available here banana boat, snorkeling and kayak / canoe.   

Green Coral Camp Beach Area is integrated with the surrounding area is Kalicaa Beach and Tanjung Lesung Bay Villa, while enjoying the morning we can walk with the family through a small forest and a path through coastal.

Favorite spot long dock made of wood with steel construction, able to see the coral reefs under the sea if water is not tide, and the event took place images and photography 😀  

Spot the coast of Cape Dimples are located in the West so the event is eyeing a golden moment, that is Hunting Sunset, at 18:00 pm I was standing on the dock, buffeted by the sea breeze, staring at the breadth of the sky towards evening ... bonus the weather was sunny and the sky at dusk began to carve with colors so beautiful ... 

see the beautiful sky as I started narcissistic 😀, not willing to taste beautiful background without the foreground photo hehehe .... 

Contact person Green Coral Beach Camp can contact the Manager Beach area, Mr. Benny (081384177195)

so ...... we'll see you again in the next edition of Sunset 😀