Pulau Pari Best Island for Holiday Near Jakarta Indonesia

If you are a true adventurer who loves nature exotic Indonesian, you should not miss Pari Island on your travel agenda. Located in the Kepulauan Seribu Thousand Islands, its just located in Jakarta Province in another Island, not too far from the capital Jakarta.

Pulau Pari, known in English as the Pari Island has white sand  with clear water greenery.  Only about one to one and a half hour by speedboat from the pier Marina  located in Ancol or from the port Kaliadem located in Muara Angke, North Jakarta, 

You can enjoy the beauty of the beach sand virgin who is not inferior to the beaches of the exotic that is in other regions of Indonesia.island-pari-cost.
Pari Island has three flagship tourist attraction, namely Virgin Beach Pier Hill Sun and Sand Beach crackle. Vacationing in Pari Island's many islands pari travel packages that offer some kind of package pari island and prices vary. Usually pari island tour packages will depend on the length of time will be spent in Pari Island, the activities to do in Pari Island beaches, as well as the accommodation was to be obtained there.

Pari Island is a tourist destination for the adventurous terekomendasi Indonesia. The underlying reason Pari Island as a recommendation of you who want adventure on the coast of Indonesia are as follows:1. The natural beauty Pari IslandPari Island is an island that is clean with a population that is not too crowded and of course free of pollution and waste. Pari island beaches have crystal clear water and very impressive sea views. Clean air provide a fresh atmosphere that makes us feel at home to pamper ourselves in a stunning natural setting. The coastal scenery is beautiful and the stingray island clean freshness in our minds are often saturated with solid capital activity and fatigue. To better enjoy the sea view of the island of rays, you can bersnorkling in Pari Island marine protected area. Pari Island beach also does not have the high waves so it is safe to berkegiatan snorkeling in the sea. When snorkeling, you will see the natural beauty decorated amazing underwater coral reefs and beautiful fish that swim around you. With a traditional boat, you also have the opportunity to visit several islands around Pulau Pari. Typically, you can also eat seafood with a menu bebakaran. Sights morning in Pari Island is also very beautiful. You can exercise or cycling to enjoy the fresh morning air.travel-island-pari-cost2. Friendly localsPari Island has a population that is very friendly to the tourists who come to this island. We can find a smile spreading across along the way when we met with the local population. Most locals livelihoods depend on tourism. Most of them rent homestay, snorkelling equipment, ships and also some a guide for tourists who come.3. layoutFor residents of Jakarta, Pari Island is a tourist destination that is fitting, because in addition to its beautiful natural scenery and stunning, Pari Island is located not far from Jakarta. So that people in Jakarta who only have a short vacation time can spend a little vacation time in this place to get experience is no less good traveled with beaches famous Indonesia which is located relatively far from the capital.If you are looking for a travel agent pari island that can help you organize your vacation schedule in Pari Island, there are some things that need your consideration. Here are some tips for those who want to vacation in Pari Island.1. TransportTransportation commonly used by travelers to the Pari Island is using a fast boat from Muara Angke near petrol stations Muara Angke. Ferry boats used to ferry tourists to the usual Pari Island departs at 7 am. Ship back from Pari Island to Muara Angke at 7 am every day, the departure is only in the mornings only, no departures during the day or evening. The trip takes about 2 hours by regular boat and 1 hour by fast boat so as to prepare a small meal as friends on the trip. Do not forget to also prepare a hangover for people who have the syndrome seasickness.2. lodgingThe thing to remember is that you will not find a hotel in Pari Island. Lodging houses available is used as homestay. In this lodge provided equipment such as air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, water dispenser in the bathroom, and so on. Lodging prices depend on the quality of the accommodation and the facilities promised.

4. Bring money moreThe thing to remember when you are vacationing in this area is not available in Pari Island bank or ATM to take cash to avoid things that are undesirable or your holiday can be less satisfactory because less of your money.5. Signals and InternetFor those of you who like the status updates, do not worry. Internet connection and mobile phone signal is very good at Pari Island. Internet access in the area is also quite fast. So you can instantly update your latest photos on social networks on the Internet directly from your vacation spot.6. By-byVacation is not complete without taking home a souvenir for your loved ones at home. Here you can buy candied seaweed as souvenirs. Candied seaweed is a typical food of the island. You can also buy ceremai fruit, breadfruit chips, pickled squid and various handicrafts made from shells.

Pari visit to the island can be an alternative that fits when you want an adventure in exotic Indonesian coastal areas even with a fairly short time. Alone, both or in groups in large quantities with colleagues and friends close to you in visiting this region will experience an interesting traveled on the sidelines of activity in the capital area are tired and gives a lot of stress. You can choose many kinds of travel packages with various offers activities and facilities that are tailored to your holiday budget. No need to be expensive, you can also vacation with backpacker style along with your close friends to experience the backpacker area beautiful and exotic

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