Valentine's Day, "I Buy Goods Mahal's boyfriend, Dinner at the Hotel, Party Miras, Intimate Relationships"

In Valentine's Day was a young couple couple in Manado prepare obligatory tradition.

For example, provide chocolates to his partner. This was done Nando, 28-year-old man who works in a private company in Manado.

Nando who met in between activities say every time celebrating Valentine day he could spend up to millions of rupiah.

Good to buy chocolate, clothes, shoes and so on to her beloved boyfriend.

"Usually an expensive girlfriend to the store, I usually spend up to six figures. Like last year I spend money Rp 3 million just to please a boyfriend," said Nando.

Although only salaried UMP but Nando able to meet her boyfriend. Especially for him on Valentine's day is a different day where he can not forget a loved one.

"In addition to the store, I also invite girlfriends dinner at the hotel, well certainly at great cost, '' said Nando.He was frank frequent binge drinking and having sex with her boyfriend when nginap at the inn.

In fact, he admitted that beginian events have been planned in advance."We select a hotel safe, and usually I buy a security. If already at the hotel I also drank liquor together with a friend. In fact, it could even crazier, '' she said and smiled.

Nando also admitted giving expensive goods such as designer handbags and shoes to the girls who dipacarinya valentine's moment in time.

"If you want to say love on Valentine's Day of course have to have capital if capital looks doang ngak going to sell anymore in this day and age," said Nando.

The blond man also had a unique experience because it wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day and even to sell his motor. Although I like that he does not feel wary and want to do this again.

"I am not satisfied, I still want Valentie night with a girlfriend at the hotel, especially at this time I had a new boyfriend is hot," Nando said with a smile full of meaning.