Been to Tanjung Lesung can be done in a day. As Outbound, family holiday, honeymoon or even a honey moon

For the honeymoon is certainly not enough one day at least two or three days will only be felt confort.But stay at Villa or Hotel in Tanjung Lesung is not cheap, it is another alternative to that would cool vacation or honeymoon in Cape dimples so stay in Homestay. There are several Homestay, you can ask before going to Cape lasung. Come all the way over there just fitting wondered do not bother. We recommend booking before to come to Tanjung Lesung. 
There are several Homstay them are:

1. Faris Homestay Tanjung Lesung

Offers you the choice of vacationing in the area of ​​Tanjung Lesung in Homestay Faris @ Tanjung Lesung.Located on Highway Cipanon Jaya, Tanjung Jaya, Tanjung Lesung. Concept room Minimalist exlusive available 14 rooms with air-conditioning facilities ie (AC), television with satellite dish, refrigerator, kitchen utensils, bathroom.

Each villa is equipped with a living room, dining room, two bathrooms and a parking area. There are 3 options for you occupy the villa, the villa with 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom.Homestay Faris @ Tanjung Lesungproviding fun games, team building program, water sports, trekking tours, educational tourism, cultural tourism, to travel charged with the mission of saving nature / conservation, as well as the concept of community development and empowerment (community based tourism).

 Liwungan Mania snorkling on the island for those who like beauty UnderwaterShips and boats to be ready at any moment Fishing PackagePackage offers liwungan snorkling on the island. Snorkling be a very enjoyable holiday for families who love the sea, where the island is famous for its beauty Liwungan Biota and ornamental coral and ornamental fish slalu follow the snorkeling as if greeting and joking ria ... after that can enjoy snorkeling and Fishing Island Sunset Liwungan.  

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Office: Jl Raya Tanjung Lesung Cipanon 
Hotline: 085775337041 - 081910850208 to 083895194793 
For the people of West Java and Banten, Tanjung Lesung sites certainly is not foreign anymore. Many attractions and beautiful beaches with charming white sand. Its location is in Pandeglang administration with an area of ​​150 hectares. Be excellent tourist spot Tanjung Lesung is always crowded and many beaches are beautiful and natural in Tanjung Lesung.If you are traveling by private vehicle from the direction of the city then this trip could be reached only by a 3-4 hour drive. Then came to you and your family on a headland with a state of calm and clear water. And because the area is called Tanjung Lesung promontory jutting into the sea and said dimple-like community around it is called Tanjung Lesung.

The beauty of Tanjung Lesung BantenPanorama Tanjung Lesungalthough many end but still very natural and well groomed. With its white sand and rocks are properly maintained and there are no signs of deterioration even though a lot of visitors at Tanjung Lesung travel. What is interesting in Tanjung Lesung travel spot is the area located in the northern part of the area that presents the cliffs are not so steep and formed a lagoon with calm water and a depth of up to 5 meters into the seaPlay Banana Boat in Tanjung LesungDid you know if Tanjung Lesung apart as a tourist spot also has other potential areas such as tourism. 

BEACH BODURA beach located at Tanjung Lesung bring the atmosphere to swim with the beach atmosphere. With the state of the sand under the soft sea water makes this a very comfortable place to swim and enjoy the sunset at dusk. This tourist spot Tanjung Lesung Tanjung Lesung bersebalahan makes this place also visited by tourists. 

VILLAGE TOUR Tanjung LesungIf you want bersnorkling then this is the right place you visit tourist spot Tanjung Lesung. Biodiversity under the sea is very beautiful, although not as good as snorkling place on Bali or Raja Ampat, but in this place an atmosphere that is certainly different. In Tanjung Lesung attractions also include a group of NGOs that maintain the biological wealth of the seabed in the area, such as activities to conserve coral reefs in the region of Tanjung Lesung. 

ISLAND LIWUNGAN Tanjung LesungTourist attractions Tanjung Lesung also very concerned about the beauty of nature. This is demonstrated by mangrove forest tour is very well preserved and maintained so as not to damage the existing forest in Tanjung Lesung attractions.By. Faris Homestay Tanjung LesungOffice: Jl Raya Tanjung Lesung CipanonHotline: 085775337041 - 081910850208 to 083895194793