Tanjung Lesung Sailing Club adalah Club Sailing di Tanjung Lesung Panimbang Pandeglang Banten. Review

Tanjung Lesung Sailing Club Pandeglang Banten Review

i've been to tj lesung once with my classmates for farewell event. i and my friends like it a lot.

However, since i'm not fond of writing to much, i'll just list the details:

-the cottages are clean, that's good since i hate insects & bugs

-bedrooms and bathrooms are nice

-the AC is working nicely

-private pool in each cottage, not big but enough.

-really fun to bike around since the resort is in large area and the bike path is fun to explore.

-some water activities there (e.g. snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking (similar to canoing i think), banana boat, and some others) which is nice to spend memorable time with friends

-nice corals, snorkeling is recommended

-the staffs are friendly

-food is okay

-free karaoke at the restaurant.(yay!)

-nice view and sunset

-unfortunately, the beach is not swimable, many rocks and hurts the feet.

-the seat of the bike is not very nice, since all my friends have aching bottoms the next morning (but still cycling because it's fun and walking is quite tiring.)

-hot water are limited, so dont be surprised that your bath tub water will not be as hot as u wanted. so make sure u take a bath before your friends do.. XD

-additional fees for the water activities

-not cheap

i and my other friends are planning to go there again soon because it is nice.

regards, wilson