Akhir tahun ini mau Liburan Kemana? Jangan sampai menghabiskan budget utama atau dana Darurat yang ada. Salah satu objek wisata yang tidak jauh dari Ibukota Jakarta, Tanjung Lesung Namanya. Sudah pernah berkunjung ke sana? Atau mau balik lagi? Ke Pantai Sawarna Bayah? atau ke Pulau Pari Island Kepulauan Seribu? Terserah anda mau pilih yang mana, keputusan sepenuhnya milik anda, mau kemana?


Tiket Masuk Pantai Tanjung Lesung Pandeglang Banten

Harga Biaya Tiket Masuk Pantai Tanjung Lesung Pandeglang Banten Indonesia
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Tiket Masuk Pantai Tanjung Lesung

Vacation Early Years 2017: Tanjung Lesung and Anyer light house (again)

The first post in the first month on the first day in 2016, would review the new year holiday yesterday. Actually there's no intention for the new year anyway, because why I, a new year is not something that is in-the-special, just a moment pas aja coincidence with the schedule "holiday" that is long enough. So as if the holiday in the framework of renewal, not so yes guys hahaha. Actually does this holiday planned, so the only decision or nggaknya wrote sudden.Tanjung Lesung !!! Gw recommendation right place for holidays with family edition this time. Tanjung Lesung not visit the place for the first time I, but for the third time here. Bosen not you think? Not! Because i know, Tanjung Lesung is super duper really good, suitable to invite families to enjoy the beauty of the beach that is not "normal". Yeah unusual, clear water, fine white sand, blue scenery along the eye coupled with a water sport there is still the main attraction of Tanjung Lesung this.So we set off from Cilegon promptly at 5 am on January 1, 2016, to the Tanjung Lesung, via Anyer. We all totaled three cars. Was deliberately set off in the early morning, worried going to get stuck along the Anyer. Well the same name family yes, 3 car too, so along the way a lot of the cessation, to toiletlah, have breakfast, bensinlah browse, buy this, buy that. Huft. As a result until at locations still going to lunch haha. Anyer along smoothly jaya heck, just along the beach recreation in Anyer, almost all of them with a car park full of people vacation, they loh morning, at 6 am loooooh, wah is still full of the same people who nginep welcome the new year. Inwardly said, hopefully later in Tanjung Lesung not so rich condition.Came in front of the complex area of ​​Tanjung Lesung, approx 10am. A little hunch really bad ya, really new in front of the complex to pay the admission headland region already use ngantri mortar wrote. Oh yes, it's time admission fee to 10 thousand rupiah. From the front of the complex we still have to recreation area beaches, approximately 5-10 minutes, arrived at the gate of Tanjung Lesung Beach Club, daaaaaan really shocked weight: Queue Length and parking Full Banget! Very unexpectedly, been here twice, once without queuing and cars coming here use the finger can be calculated. Oh yes, admission fee Beach Club also did not like the old days, now becomes: 40 thousand rupiah per person, children under 5 years free entrance fee per car 25 thousand rupiah. It's starting to make gak mood :( Though expectations are still the same as it used to be. Yeah definitely more crowded, but not many like this huhu.Down from the car to the beach far enough, did much, because usually the car park just a few steps from the beach, it is very far to the corners. Plus, confused want to sit where, if usually under the cottage, now already full. Alhamdulillah can bench, but only one. Just imagine, three cars, with a total range of 20 times only can one empty seat. Finally, children can not wait to play to Beach. On the beach too, not clear as yet, yaaa for many people anyway, so the water is equal to stir the sand. To be honest, this time quite disappointed with Tanjung Lesung :( Maybe not disappointed with the location, it's only the time just is not appropriate. Suggestions for my friends who want to vacation in Tanjung Lesung, aja deh mending a normal day, let the nice beaches that! " DTapiiiii yaudahlah yes, grateful to be enjoying the beauty of the beaches of Tanjung Lesung.Alhamdulillah can place, under a tree anyway, cool anyway ~Jetty Tanjung LesungAs usual, if to Tanjung Lesung water main just plain does not yet satisfied. Going more tasteless again, if we enjoy a water sport here. Hmmm ... emang hell, the game here is quite expensive, so we play a standard aja deh. SNORKELING! Enough with 100 thousand per person, once if not wrong 75 thousand, we can enjoy the beauty of the surface. Well again again, somewhat disappointed ya, first time snorkeling first time here, we was really in-briefing and guided before snorkeling off in the middle of the ocean (?). How can I use the appliance, coached breathing, after the on-site snorkeling also guided first, how to do a U-turn body, what if water gets into glasses that or to a respirator and a lot of smokers, even taught to touch the coral so, dive into the sea. Now, was really detachable really. Alhamdulillahnya is not the first time snorkeling, so already common. If this first wrote, might gw trauma and do not want anymore.Oh yes, this time one strategy ya, we think snorkeling in the afternoon because when it gets scorching sun again weve really, so we intend to snorkel in the afternoon only. Well this is one really, fitting we want to buy a ticket, said petugasn