After a look into my past posts, apparently there are some of my travel trip was not complemented by a story in which I only showed a collection of photographs that I gained there. One of these postings for my trip to Tanjung Lesung Banten isn't West Java Indonesia.

Okay, so I'll start to tell you about my trip there.

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My departure to Tanjung Lesung falls on the 2nd day of Eid because I was again not to going home to Surabaya. I just went along with my mother and my father, because my brother-in-law must be going home to Pekalongan. He is not going home and lonely because the house only three of us. Then when we determine for a little holiday to Tanjung Lesung, Banten West Java the Second Bali Indonesia.

Our departure time is quite spontaneous. Not much searching on Google about the inn or the condition of the road leading to there. We set off just with know the route and map to there. We don't have to think it would be too much to see congestion as it will constantly get in the toll lane. Entrance from Jakarta to Serang Banten Province then goes to Pandeglang Batubantar CImanuk - Menes Tarogong (Labuan) Panibang and arrive in Tanjung Lesung. We also expect to spend only 5 to 6 hours to go there.

Apparently, the journey we traveled takes 8 hours, couse the weekend holiday. We departed from Jakarta approx 08.00 Jakarta Time and we arrived at Tanjung Lesung 14.00. We all take a rest in Around at 12:00, we had time to rest at Masjid Raya Pandeglang Mosque for lunch and prayer.

Honestly, this trip and a family beyond my expectations, but were grateful once on our trip just find a little congestion. Condition of the road to get there was very good, a lot of the sign post that directs us to Tanjung Lesung so don't be afraid to get lost on the way to get there.

Arriving in Tanjung Lesung, we are of course looking for lodging. The first inn we found is located in the area of ​​Tanjung Lesung Hotel & Resort, room rates for a night. Very expensive and make me and the family decided to seek other lodging.

Finally, I look for other lodging, which still resides in the area of ​​Tanjung Lesung Resort I think it was the name of the inn Blue Fish Hotel (as I recall), the price of one night is Rp 800,000, aprox US$ 60 but because at that hotel is still includes new there are some facilities which I feel is still lacking and the price my family and less comfortable.

My family and I finally decided to get out of the area Resort Tanjung Lesung. I found an inn that location actually on the beach and can watch the sunset there. If not mistaken his name Marina Inn (like that), but the inn is a bit darker and less structured, I forget how many permalamnya price because after seeing the conditions are not comfortable, then I and the parents decided to seek other lodging. But before leaving, I decided to take some photos of dusk there because its location is very precise and beautiful.

Dusk in Tanjung Lesung Banten Indonesia

Thank God all, me and the family found lodgings are cheap and clean. Honestly I've forgotten the name of this inn, I had never photographed signpost this inn but lost somewhere. The inn is located near the police station Tanjung Dimples, close anyway. The innkeeper is the Dutch who refuse to talk in English, but to hear him speak in Indonesian was less clear, but we were assisted by a security guard who was a local inn. Lodging price is quite cheap. The rate of Rp 250,000, we get the facilities one non ac room consisting of a TV room, a kitchen, a closet with the contents of towels, two bedrooms (queen size and single beds) and 1 bathroom. I think it was still a lot of options other rooms which are air conditioned and provide cable TV, but again I turned out to forget about this inn pricelist. And of course my family and stay at this inn.

The next day, my family and determines to find the nearest mosque to pray Fajr there and just want to see the sights in the morning. We exited the inn too early and still dark circumstances. Finally we spent a bit of time chatting with people around who also conducted dawn prayers in this mosque. Around 05.30, finally I could take some photos of sunrise and mother and my father busy jogging alongside a road. The morning air is very cool, the street was still so quiet.

Sunrise in Tanjung Lesung

After a busy taking photos and accompany my parents jogging in the morning. We went back into Cape Resort and visit Bodur Beach with an entrance fee of Rp 20,000 cars. Incidentally it was very sunny day with blue skies. The sand is not too white, but still awesome.

The atmosphere in the beach Bodur

After playing the water and took some photos at the beach Bodur, my family and can not wait to visit Tanjung Lesung. Tanjung Lesung beach is located at the resort area and to enter the territory of the coast of Cape Lesung have to pay Rp 50,000. Yes, it is expensive. But yasudah, what can we do than do not go there.

Alhamdulillah Tanjung Lesung beach that day including deserted. My family and enjoy the beach of Tanjung Lesung like privately owned beach. Tanjung Lesung beach is a beach is not great, very little in fact. The sand is not really white, but also brown. The water is very clean and makes you able to see the coral reefs at the bottom. In Tanjung Lesung also a long bridge and make us more freedom to see the coral reefs at the bottom. Tanjung Lesung beach is very beautiful and warm .... And from this bridge anyway I can watch The Mount Krakatau

The scenery at Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung beach provides a variety of rental facilities sepada, banana boat, etc. I do not know hargany because the day was very quiet and I was the day it was not too keen to do these activities. I just take photos and chat with parents on the beach and Fun.

After enjoying the beach atmosphere, my family and decided to go home. On the way, I propose a way to profit taking Carita Beach on the way home so that we can pass some beaches around there. My parents agreed, because we just wanted to pass there. But when he got there eventually we determine to stop and have lunch while accompanied me take some photos there.

Karang Bolong Beach

Oh yes before arriving at Anyer Beach area, I and my parents had stopped at the mosque and found the industry here. Because the weather was very sunny day, so we decided to take some pictures there.

Tips for those who want to vacation in Cape Coast Lesung:

Tanjung Lesung beach is still very quiet. As I recall there was no ATM around Tanjung Lesung. But for the food stalls are already widely available.

It would be better if you traveled with a large group. First, if you want to stay at the resort can be very depressing prices with a large group.

Actually, a few hours of Tanjung Lesung you can visit Pulau Umang supposedly very beautiful, for those of you who still have spare time to took time to come there.

Location Tanjung Lesung not made to enjoy the big waves, so do not expect to surf here.

Do not forget to capture the sunset at Tanjung Lesung as dusk in Tanjung Lesung very beautiful.

If by chance your return trip the same direction as me, then it will be more fun if you also choose the same route by crossing the beach Anyer, carita, rock holes, etc.