The sky was bright and blue. Grasses and weeds yellowish. The trees look dry without leaves. Exactly the atmosphere of the country that are experiencing the four seasons of autumn. But this is not a story about the country four seasons. That is the view that you can get in Tanjung Lesung, January 2012 ago. Now, Tanjung Lesung already greener. But that does not mean better.

Trees had no leaves, green leafy now. Likewise with the surrounding grassland. All turns green. Arguably more beautiful and shady. Tanjung Lesung, April 2015 which looked greener than three years ago. (VB Indonesia) However, the access road remains as before. Still the same. At some point the road was a bit crushed and enough to make the vehicle slow down. This is

The Beauty of Tanjung Lesung Beach Banten Indonesia

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• Tourists South Korea like to Trips to Tanjung Lesung
• Tanjung Lesung Attract Travelers with Expand Coral ReefYear 2012, the area of ​​Tanjung Lesung does have several tourist alternatives. There is a resort area, beach club, and several other areas which require visitors to pay a price.
But, beyond that there is still one area that can be entered free of charge. The area of ​​the beach and is most tip. His name Bodur Beach.For a free beach, beach Bodur classified has beautiful panorama. The sand is white and soft. Moderate sea waves. The sea was blue.
Although it is a lot of garbage, but the sea is very beautiful scenery. Moreover, there scenic sea silhouette enhanced by passing ships. The vessel was a fishing boat. At dusk, the scenery is so charming. Crystal clear sea water reflecting the sun, so the sea water appear to glow.Unfortunately on the beach could not watch the sunset. Therefore, the beach closed at 17.30. Though it seems could see the sunset because of its beaches facing west.But the atmosphere is approximately two and a half years ago. Now Bodur Beach, the only free tour in Tanjung Dimples closed.
The management said that the coast is under renovation as there are some ingredients that are inadequate."There is still room for improvement. We do not want to give the impression of slums," said Senior Event Manager PT Banten West Java Tourism Development, Harniani Isneningsih.Bodur beach that was planned to be arranged such that tourists are more comfortable when traveling. Step manager Tanjung Lesung to beautify the beach Bodur, may be practically appropriate.
Although beautiful, the beach is like unkempt Bodur. A lot of garbage everywhere, no place to sit, like a hidden beach that has not entered the tourist area managed."It would be reorganized repaired. Probably would happen later on baseball will be free because there are maintenance costs to create comfort for the visitors as well," said Harniani.
Not only primp from the one side of the free beaches. Harniani also said it would strengthen tourism in Tanjung Lesung.Panoramic sea indeed remain a mainstay, but will add some more components that will increasingly attract tourists."There is a peacock, geese, roosters. In the future, plus a collection of animals. It will also bridge built Bedouin," he said.
Slowly Tanjung Lesung is beginning to develop its wings. In fact there will be a lot of villas, townhouses and golf city.There is also a marina, where large ships and yachts lean. Marina Tanjung Lesung also predicted would be the largest marina in Southeast Asia.Now, slowly but surely Tanjung Dimples appeared to be in the process towards all of these targets. Their efforts to fix the region have started to appear.One of them by planting coral reefs in the sea around the area of ​​Tanjung Lesung.
With the expected planting coral reefs in Tanjung Lesung will get richer and the underwater nature more beautiful, more attractive to lovers of the sea bottom.Not only that, the developer was trying to develop the surrounding area. Aroused the interest of citizens to get involved in building Tanjung Lesung.They do this by building a tourist village. The people there helped to create. Ranging from batik, handicrafts, until snacks.
This is certainly in accordance with the mandate of the president who declared this area as a Special Economic Zone since February 23, 2015 last. With the development of the tourist area of ​​Tanjung Lesung expected economic surrounding communities will also be more advanced and life for the better.