It is not only the history of the exotic Balinese culture and tradition, one of the men fell for gays. There is nothing else than the sun, sand, and s3x. When it comes to s3x, in the tourist town of Seminyak, there is no one who is not afraid of icing on the cake iced: the money men. However, despite all the talk of the Internet, books, and dirty coffee talk, the boy money in Bali is like the mythical city. You hear from time to time, but you rarely hear a gay man in Bali declares as a child, even though I had never heard of that of the self-proclaimed. In other words, their existence is like a chocolate in an attractive package. The packages are interesting and exciting and you know they are delicious, but you do not know what they are like inside.

Their existence, however, comply with the awareness of the four principles of marketing P: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Needless to say that the product produced on request. Indeed, it is a symbiotic takes two to produce a boy currency: two gay s3x desire to pay for the product, and independent producers, providing the application or slave to money. However, if in cyberspace or in reality, facing the need for a price tag, and promotion. From the first day of the Internet era, dating gays and web applications are virtual places obviously gays men kissing as they celebrate s3x itself, such a shame for him. Gay bar seems so yesterday they are no longer an old romance of the school. Seminyak, however, gay men embrace their social interaction both virtual and traditional. As a matter of course, they flock to Grindr as similar as they flocked to Seminyak gay bar.

Seminyak gay bar appears Siamese twins quadruplet. Five sisters are attached to each other: Mixwell, Ten Club, Bali Joe, Facebar Up and Down. Like Siamese twins properties, five of them were identical: DJ-mixed music, drinks and cocktails are the same, the same drag queens and go-go boys show, and the public. The staff was friendly accordingly, but if you are a white man, they overwhelmingly friendly call excessive intrusion of money from gay men.

The nature of their first hospitality can come from racial conflicts of interest, and developed the Answer interest intercultural. Although gay bar five brothers are inseparable, and Mixwell Bali Joe, however, have earned their reputation as a magnet for the public compared to their other brothers and sisters.Looking at the five bar across the street, it is in the minds of all those who require innovative Bali gay bar somewhere, and quite different. But looking back on the gay scene in Sydney Oxford Street, the most-certainly I agree that the Oxford Street gay scene is like a queen of seventy years, wearing his Hawaiian shirt; It is colorful but old, tired and outdated. Request Gay hook-up, no doubt, is responsible for the death, the old Queen Street Oxford.

However, public acceptance of homos3xuality is also paying a lot for dramatic changes. The gays men are not flocking to the road, but any bar on the outskirts of Sydney CBD apparently gay-friendly, for example, in the exclusive suburb of Newtown, Marrickville, and it also reaches Parramatta as new suburbs that include community LGBTQ with Their annual special events.Back to Monkey Business, money naturally the boys find their heart for the price and promotion in Seminyak own bar, gay bar of five brothers. Like the market for traditional Ubud art, once you take the one you admire, you somehow pushed further to the higher price tag in the first place so that you walk, and that someone one catches you from behind your shoulder to sell you as reference for the negotiations.

Boys money is divided into two categories: first, boys and front bumper, rear bumper. The front bumper is that they have met in a gay bar five brothers, professionals confronted with the higher price tag that sellers in Ubud art market. Those who prefer to work behind the bumper in Web online dating scenes and hook-up application. They can declare himself as the man of professional masseur who sent a message to all users of the former tourism. The rest of the rear bumper gay boys could be boys, who have their own reasons for share of income and other improper benefits hedonistic holiday, the transactions contemplated through s3x. Although they work in different areas with different patterns, they have something in common. None of them are self-proclaimed prostitute. This is the starting point where the mythical city.

While the people of Indonesia seems to be in silence when it comes to homos3xual negotiations, they end up using the standard moral religion to lean on opinion what should be accepted and which was not accepted. It is expected that condemn homos3xuality and prostitution, and above all, belittling their lifestyle. However, it is all about being an Indonesian citizen, you can not run away from religion and religious moral standards, no matter how you live in the island's most rural archipelago because which makes you a citizen Indonesia: ye believe in God, but to do so, you can not believe in gods, but people who come from the five official religions: Islam, Christianity and (Christian) Catholic, Buddhist , and Hindu. My friend, Phil, a radio journalist in Noosa, Queensland, who teaches Indonesian, he told me about how North Bali. "It Pancasila," he said. "Five Principles of Indonesia," he then continued.

For me, these five principles are almost replicate the five pillars of Islam and the cardinal sins in Christianity. Their manners are solid package delivered by a majority of vehicles religions: Islam and Christianity Therefore, it affects their views on homos3xuality and prostitution Whatever their religious moral level on sensitive issues, we can.. experience in Bali, Indonesia spirit of pluralism which has historically emerged from the diversity of their omnipresence. Pluralism is their blood.

To place one yourself against all odds, I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel on the way to enlightenment. One day, the majority can draw lines to see his ugly face of prostitution are those who always enjoy it, but to condemn prostitution itself. This can be extended to those who do not receive all the benefits of it or even use their moral level of spread. In addition, the ugly faces of homos3xuals not to be abnormally gay people, but religious, cruel and violent deny their existence to be what they are. No one should make you feel like crap to be what and who you are.