West Sumatra not only as a hot area, but the beauty of the panorama photography is able to tempt any traveler desires. If you have this, immediately remove the camera and capture the most beautiful panorama Minang at 7 this place!

Minang natural beauty, making it a paradise for lovers of photography. Starting from the Bukit Barisan, keeksotisan Harau Valley, Canyon Sianok, until a beautiful face Maninjau could be a model of homeland Bung Hatta.

Many fun spots to take pictures, allows travelers to get the best shots. Here, 7 heaven photography in Minang which detikTravel gathered on Thursday (09/27/2012):

1. Lembah Anai
Padang and Bukittinggi, two cities which became the center of government, economic growth, to tourism in West Sumatra. To connect the two cities, there are beautiful scenery that can make anyone not want to stop to enjoy it. That Lembah Anai.

Launched the official website of Tanah Datar, destinations located in District Ten Koto, Tanah Datar is well known among trusted traveler because of its waterfalls. Location on the side of the road, creating Anai Valley Waterfall able to attract local and foreign tourists. Cluster of green nature and the pounding waterfalls create an atmosphere Lembah Anai looks cool and beautiful.

Before arriving at the location, tourists who come from the city of Padang and Bukittinggi will pass a winding road. On the right and left of the road, travelers can witness the verdant valleys and hills overgrown with various trees.

When the trip was nearing Anai Valley Waterfall, tourists can see wild monkeys. With the beauty and extraordinary beauty, Anai Valley became a mainstay tourist photo spot when they travel to Minang.

2. Valley Harau
Exotic valleys in West Sumatra has not been exhausted. Harau valley, be the prettiest place in West Sumatra with granite cliffs high walls like a giant.

Harau valley in the district of Fifty Cities, is a cool and green. Towering cliffs that surround the Valley Harau really was amazing. Decorated with trees and wild plants on each side, making this giant cliffs as the object of the most cool and beautiful.

Not only that, at this location there are also several waterfalls and long-tailed monkeys who are staying at this location. Sarasah Bunta Waterfall flows from a height of 20 meters, as well as three other waterfalls are Sarasah AIE Luluih, Sarasah Murai, and Sarasah Aie Angek could also be a model in every shot eye of your lens.

Want to get the maximum camera shots? You can take the liberty to explore every ridge. Yes, look at the face of the Valley Harau of ketingggian certainly more perfect. Smart bana!

3. Sianok canyon
Natural charm became one tourist destination traveling to West Sumatra. Sianok Canyon in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra as inexhaustible make pelancongnya amazed.

Natural destinations shaped valley is located not far from the location of the Clock Tower which has also become an icon of West Sumatra. Like when detikTravel visit to the canyon Sianok some time ago, from this place a traveler can see a magnificent landscape and skyline.

Not much different with Harau Valley, Canyon Sianok also surrounded by towering cliffs. These cliffs increasingly seen dashing wrapped in green trees and forests. Only Sianok canyon valley looks greener than Harau which has rocky cliffs.

Not willing to leave the natural beauty of the canyon Sianok, immediately you capture every detail of the charm of this valley using the camera. To obtain maximum results, the hunters could take a photo of a landscape Panorama Park. Not yet satisfied? Try to go down and see the sandstone canyon Sianok closer.

While at the bottom, barren cliffs that are on the left and right, nan natural forests, as well as small rivers become very interesting treats. Not only that, in the canyon area there are also rice fields, roads and houses.

4. Bukittinggi
The air is hot, often make tourists who come to West Sumatra lazily out of the house during the day. Not to be confused, you can enjoy the atmosphere of West Sumatra at night.

Yes, night be a good time for sightseeing in Minang. Try your visit to Bukittinggi. West Sumatra tourism centers is always beautiful at any time. Morning, afternoon and evening town charm that this one has never eaten a time.

At night, the Clock Tower is a top choice to spend the night in New York City. At night time, the lights in the surrounding adds to the charm that is not bored to look at. Not only in the Clock Tower, London still has many fun spots for the night.

Spend a night in New York City never ever leave your camera at the hotel. DetikTravel current visit to London a few months ago, did not seem enough time each day to enjoy the beauty of the details of Bukittinggi.

There is one destination that a traveler should not forget when traveling in London, namely menyususri Limpapeh Bridge. Take out the camera and capture the beauty of the landscape prepared Bukittinggi. Bring a camera with a good lens sharpness, make the green hills of Mount Merapi and the mist-shrouded presented in plain sight as a target image.

5. Curved 44
Winding 44, this extreme path does not just make the heart of the pelancongya feel ‘dag dig dug’. However, who would have thought the road in the area Maninjau, District Tanjung Raya, Agam, West Sumatra also has a very beautiful panorama background.

As the name implies, this extreme amount of bend reaches 44 bends. First count begins when you enter the hills around Lake Maninjau. Horrible, right and left side of the road are steep cliffs and ravines nan.

But on the sidelines of stressful conditions, tourists can see the panorama of Bukit Barisan and Lake Maninjau. Really beautiful panorama presented Maninjau of Curved 44 when detikTravel came to visit a few months ago.

This bend in the surface water of Lake Maninjau green looks like a mirror. Yes, on the surface of Lake Maninjau visible reflection of hills and trees.

Want to immortalize beauty background Curved 44, visitors can stop at the rest area that is in every turn. Every day, many travelers who sit around while recording the beauty of the natural landscape of the lake area of ​​99.5 km2 using the camera.

Maninjau looks more beautiful when viewed from the rest area. For shooting time should you choose morning because the air was still very cool and cold. But, when it’s too late the air gets hot.

Oh yes, like much longer to find the moment of beautiful Lake Maninjau on Curved 44? the traveler can stay at some hotels in this pathway. By positioning the hotel directly overlooking Lake Maninjau, tourists can at will install cameras to get a portrait of the slick from the hotel room window.

6. Lake Batur
A visit to the West Sumatra did not complete it if you drop into Lake Batur. No exception for those who love photography. The lake is flanked by two districts, Solok and Tanah Datar has become one of the fragments of paradise in West Sumatra.

Surf lake is 1,000 hectares will never make pelancongnya feel bored. Starting from the edge of the lake, water, seen from above, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and even today, these eyes will always be spoiled with beautiful natural painting. However, if you do not want to sunbathe panasan come in the morning.

From the side, the eye has been presented with the expanse of blue water. Painting a clear blue sky reflected in the water surface is very fitting to fall prey to your camera lens.

Not content to enjoy on the edge of the lake? A traveler can sail into the middle of the lake with a boat rented for Rp 100,000. Clear the camera’s memory so that no inch of the natural beauty of Lake Batur missed.

At dusk reveal itself, immediately moved to one of the best shooting spot located not far from Lake Batur. Panorama Wind Blows name. Hill in Nagari Aripan, Solok this gives you a chance to sample the beautiful night of Lake Batur.

Make sure you bring a tripod if you want to get the beauty of Solok on top of this hill. Flickering lights countryside already greeted when you get to this hill.

Make sure the Lake Batur entry in your best hunting locations in West Sumatra. The beauty of each corner of Lake Batur unsatisfied seemed to enjoy it if only a day.

7. Twin Lakes (Lake in the Upper and Lower Lakes)
Already proven natural awesomeness chic Minag this sphere. Not only has the exotic valleys, West Sumatra is also dotted with beautiful lakes. Not only Lake Batur and Lake Maninjau, there is also a lake in the Upper and Lower Lakes in or known as the Twin Lakes.

Both lakes are in Alahan Panjang, Solok regency it had a tempting sight. Although the twins, this unique lake has a unique individual.

Under the lake at an altitude of 1,663 meters above sea level this does not include lodging. However, tourists can rent a boat and uniting with its natural beauty. Set your camera settings, and get the most beautiful landscape of lakes, hills and fog into one.

Not satisfied with just perpetuate face in Lower Lake, you can move on to the lake at the Top. Just 1 kilometer trip, you’ve arrived at the location in Upper Lake. In contrast to the Lower Lakes, a lake at an altitude of 1,531 meters above sea level already has a more complete facilities, such as lodging.
Do not waste time! Come to the small wooden pier on the edge of the lake.  

From here alone, guaranteed your hands will not wait to press the shutter button of the camera. The waters of the lake in Upper clear and pine trees as a natural fence makes this lake panorama looks perfect in every shot of the camera lens.