Hotel Puri Bali Utama

Hotel Puri Bali Utama
Address: Jalan WR Supratman No. 229 Denpasar, Bali
Tel: (0361) 249 530

To reach the hotel from Ngurah Rai International Airport you will take approximately 40 minutes. Coordinate itself is at 8o 38'42,18 "LS; 1150 14'45,53 "BT For more details you can see on the map below:

The hotel is located at the edge of the road WR Supratman and its presence is conspicuous so you can easily find the location of this hotel.

The hotel was established in 1998 on a land area of ​​7 hectares including restaurantnya.jumlah rooms on offer at this hotel is 40 pieces. At the initial appearance of the hotel there is a Restaurant Puri Bali Utama. Hotel and restaurant is managed by different people so it menegement hotel and restaurant is dipisakan. Past the restaurant you will find the location of the inn, and on the left side you can find the hotel reservation and to the right you will find a blank bale Balinese style complete with Balinese carvings.

Display This hotel consists of two floors with a large staircase that unites both these floors. At the bottom of the stairs there are a garden with a fountain that dominates, the sound of water gurgling gives the impression of calm at this hotel. Also on the front of each hotel room there is a pair of seats that can be used by guests to relax while enjoying tea. The main design of the hotel building is predominantly white, gray and brown wood. At the top you can see the transparent roof, where the roof allows sunlight entering shady but the impression can still be felt. Headlights of each room also looks unique with a lampshade decorated with carvings and made from bambu.secara overall impression especially carving Bali Bali style with floral themes dominated the building of this hotel room.

Rooms at Hotel Puri Bali Utama have this kind of economy standards (additional facilities. TV, air conditioning / fan). The area of ​​each room is 4 × 3 m2 or about 12 m2. Interior design accentuate the impression of the room more comfortable without too many goods are striking. The white color still dominates the wall in the hotel room. But for the furniture itself dominated by brown wood furniture that is used because it is made from wood. Beds available are 2 pieces with a double size. In the room are also available bathroom which is also dominated by white and dark.The price offered for the rooms at Hotel Puri Bali Utama is Rp. 150.000,00. If you wish to make a reservation you can directly come to the location of this hotel, or you can contact the hotel part of the hotel management, and to ensure your transactions need to pay a down payment of 50% of the total room payment of your order. For reservations by phone, you can call the phone number above. Rate mentioned above includes breakfast from the hotel.In addition to the facilities provided by the hotel, there are also other facilities located in the hotel sekitarn. Restaurant located in the area in front of the hotel, you can organize a birthday or a meeting ACAA. On the front of the restaurant there is a tour agent, Widhi Tour you can rent to facilitate you traveled in Bali and there are also selling Balinese accesoris so you do not need to spin-dizzy looking for a place to buy souvenirs. Pariwisate places nearby which you can reach from this hotel is the Barong Dance that you can go in 5 minutes. Barong Dance provide a spectacle of Balinese are Balinese dances that certainly can definitely make you entertained.So it is not wrong if you choose this hotel as a resting place during their stay in Bali, in addition to cheap and strategic place, the problem of hygiene is also very guarded. So congratulations to stay .......