Wisata Pulau Emas Golden Island Suwarnadwipa West Sumatra

Swarnadwipa Gold Island, located in the province of West Sumatra. Precisely in the southern coastal city of Padang parts of the West Coast of West Sumatra. The nickname was attached because it is in a very strategic location, has a very calm waters with very clear water that will keep you captivated by the natural beauty of the land and the sea is breathtaking.

A visit to the island of gold will never make us feel bored even in our minds is how to come back in the next days.You need a new atmosphere, you get bored with everyday rutinintas atmosphere?Then gold or Swarnadwipa Island is one of the answers to relieve boredom and tedium of your weekend. 

Gold Island or Swarnadwipa is a name of the beach resorts in the desert town where this tour is equipped with complete facilities. Available lodging with the name "Suwarnadwipa Beach & Resort" As well as the facilities of other water attractions. In Swarnadwipa we will feel different sensations we will feel fantastic holiday.Concept Back to Nature, or more familiar with the concept of natural coolness, back to nature.

Relatively pristine coral reefs, the island is the site of transplantation Gold Swarnadwipa coral reefs and the protection of flora and fauna place seabed. We could snorkel while enjoying and playing to see starfish and various kinds of ornamental fish one nemonya anemone fish. The snorkling lovers will be spoiled by the beauty of the Golden Island Swarnadwipa seabed

.Let's prove it and enjoy the beauty of the island directly Gold Swarnadwipa.Gold itself neighboring islands and keeping other beautiful island which is also the city's best tourist destinations heaven meadow. Gold islands have neighbors with Sironjong Island, Sikuai, Pagang Island, Pamutusan, and Pasumpahan. Where these islands is the center of a famous tourist destination in West Sumatra, Indonesia, which is a leading tourist spot of the domestic and foreign tourists.Island Beach Resort Gold Swarnadwipa

Gold island has accommodation facilities are comfortable with the concept of natural coolness, back to nature, and simplicity.

 Holiday with us, enjoy your holidays to Golden Island. Pagang island, island-Pamutusan or the other anyway. 
Price Package Tour:- One day Tour Island Gold + Pagang Island / Pamutusan / Pasumpahan Starting from Rp 250,000 / pax

 Facilities Include:- Transportation Boat PP- Entrance Island- Eating and drinking- Tour Into Pagang Island or Pamutusan or Pasumpahan- Guide / Guide- Snorkeling + Underwater Photo 
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